The Complete Guide To Approaching And Dating Women And Solidifying The Chances Of Sex

“How To Give A Woman A Night She Will Never Forget And Practically Rip Your Clothes Off At The End Of The Date”

Learn How To Solidify Your Chances Of Getting Laid At The End Of The Night


The Initial Approach–Breaking The Ice, Asking For Her Number, And All That Good Stuff

approach beautiful womanThere she is… that girl you wanted to talk to for months.  Your excuse is you’re too shy to talk to her, but today is different because you’re gonna finally go for it and talk to her.  Not only talk to her, but you’re gonna get her number and ask her to go on a date with you.  So how can you break the ice?

The Power Of The Situational Line

Pickup lines are corny so if you’re not male model sexy, it could go south for you.  Let’s not chance it, instead use something that I like to call, the “situational line”.  Pay attention because the situation will be your icebreaker.

What is she doing?

What is she wearing?

What is happening around you?

What is happening around her?

There are so many things you can use to open a conversation.  Let’s say she’s at the supermarket waiting on line.  Check the contents in her shopping cart and make a silly joke like,

“How did you know I like lasagne?”

This will get her attention and this will allow you to introduce yourself.  Don’t expect fireworks, just use the response she gives you to give a response back.


‘She laughs’

You: Can you cook?

Her: Yes.  I love lasagna too.

You: You should make me a plate.  I would love to taste your lasagna.

Her: (smiles) You’ll love my lasagna

You: Why don’t you give me your number so I can see for myself with a taste test.

Her: My number is…

Negative Response:

Her: Excuse me?

You: I saw the contents in your cart.  Can you cook?

Her: Yeah, but not for you.  I don’t cook for strangers.

You: Oh, how rude of me.  My name is…  What’s your name?

Her: Jacky

You: Now we’re not strangers.  I feel like I’ve know you for minutes already.

Her: Funny.  Do you always hit on women trying to go about their day?

You: I read my fortune cookie and it said, “You will meet your match.  Enjoy the challenge” So here I am.

Her: A fortune cookie?

You: Yup!  I had another cookie that said, “Ask your challenge for it’s number”.  These cookies are getting more and more accurate by the moment.

Her: (smiles) My number is…

Don’t let her negative response break your confidence.  She may challenge you because she is testing you.  There will be scenarios where you should leave her alone, but if she’s kinda keeping the conversation flowing, you can turn the negative responses into positive feedback.

Confidence Is Your Ally

When you approach women and talk to them, you should speak to her like that’s what you’re suppose to be doing.  Don’t look at the ground and let her beauty intimidate you.  The mindset to have when approaching any woman is “Let’s see what happens”.  Don’t expect fireworks, but also don’t expect her to reject you.  You may be shocked.  You may be her type.  She may have been waiting for you to talk to her for the longest (speaking from experience).   The more confident you are, the more she will believe that the encounter was suppose to happen.

Every Woman Is A Chance To Practice

I know that this may be the girl of your dreams, but if she rejects you, don’t beat yourself up over it.  There will be more “girls of your dreams”.  The more attractive women you talk to, the more easier it gets.  You will start to do it without thinking about it.  Don’t get emotionally attached to women you don’t know.  She could be a psycho and hiding it really well.  She could have a venereal disease.  She could have even killed her last boyfriend.  Getting emotionally attached to women you don’t know is something you need to get out of your system.

Getting The Digits

Getting a woman’s number is only the beginning.  Don’t treat it like it’s a big victory, treat it like gaining an opportunity.  When should you call?  I’ve had success calling or texting withing the same day and I’ve had success calling weeks later.  When to call isn’t so cut-and-dry as you would believe.

Remember that some women will give you their number just to be polite.  She may ignore your calls or text or it may even be the wrong number.  If she gives you her number and picks up, you want to set a day where the both of you can talk and hang out for a little bit.  Get to know each other.  You want as much face time as possible (I’m not talking about the app either).  The more you get to know each other, the easier it will be to give her a night she will never forget.

Hanging Out And Getting To Know Her

You’re doing good.  You approached the girl you liked, you got her number, and now you are hanging out and getting to know each other.  Before you go on an official date, you want to make sure she’s worth your time and actually have something to talk about on the date.  First dates suck if you don’t know the person because it feels more like an interrogation than a date.  When the both of you are getting to know each other, you get little nuggets of information that will help you later on.  You get to find out her birthday, experiences she may have had, etc.  The more you find out, the more you know on what she may like or dislike.  You could take her to a place where she has always wanted to go.


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Listen To Her Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication

Most of human interaction is on a non-verbal level.  If you look at someone a certain way, it can communicate how much they may or may not like you.  When you hang out with her, you’re trying to get to know her by asking her questions and hearing her response.  This is the verbal.  For the non-verbal, pay attention to how she looks at you or she interacts with you.  Women give away a lot from the things they say with their body, not always the words they say.

Establish Respect From Day One

A big problem men have later on in the relationship is they didn’t establish something at the beginning of the relationship.  Respect is something that MUST be established in order to have a healthy relationship.  This means her respecting you and you respecting her.  Mutual respect must be established.  So during the “getting to know you” stage, you’re not trying to get her to like you necessarily… you’re trying to establish respect.

Reward Good Behavior, Punish Bad Behavior

During the “getting to know you” stage, you want to establish respect early.  This means letting her know what you will or will not accept.  If she’s not good… punish her.  This doesn’t mean abuse, it means not giving her what she wants.  If she wants attention, don’t give it to her.  Confidently and firmly let her know that you don’t tolerate that type of behavior.  Check all forms of disrespect.  That means subtle and overt disrespect.  Trust me, it will be worth it if the both of you do end up together.

She MUST See You In A Sexual Way

The main reason why men end up in the friend zone is because they play it too safe.  They don’t show her that part of him that is very sexual without being creepy.  Here are some tips that can get her thinking of you in a sexual way.

  • Get close to her when you talk to her.  Make sure your breath is fresh at all times because you never know.
  • Wrap your hands around her waist and bring her in close to you if the  both of you are talking and she’s in someone’s way passing by
  • If she has something on her or her hair, pick it off.

You want to get in the habit of touching her and have her in the habit of feeling your touch.  This makes the transition into sex a lot easier.  Men who play it safe by not touching her or look nervous touching her will kill the sexual chemistry.  Make sure you touch appropriately.  That means don’t go for an open mouth kiss when you are introduced to a woman for the first time and don’t try to shake her hand if she’s laying on the bed butt naked.  Being that the both of you are getting to know each other, greeting with a kiss on the cheek is something you can work into your greeting her.  Make sure you softly grab her face to bring her in and softly kiss her cheek.  Are you getting the hint?  Be bold without being overpowering.


Dating In Reverse–Sex First, Then The Date

dating in reverse“Wait a minute!  You mean to tell me I can get sex before going on a date with her?”

This is something I normally do.  Remember that she wants to have sex just as much as you… maybe even more and here’s why.  Women can have multiple orgasms so sex may be way more enjoyable for women (if with a guy who can give them multiple orgasms) than it is for men.  A woman loves the closeness and connection that sex brings to her and the man that she’s sleeping with.  So don’t think for a second that it’s impossible to get sex before the date.

First Things First

There are a few things I feel I need to mention.  I don’t want you getting yourself into trouble if things don’t go as planned.  So here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Never, ever, ever force yourself upon her if she doesn’t want it.  There’s a thin line between sexual aggression and rape.  If she says stop, you stop.
  • Before she comes over, make sure you have condoms either in your wallet or somewhere in your house.
  • Make sure your house is clean if you invite her over.  Also make sure you have thoroughly showered.  Bad body odor and bad breath is an instant mood-killer
  • You are in control.  Don’t let her make you do anything you don’t want to do.  If you’re straight, don’t have her put anything in your ass.  No means no for you, too.

Now that we got that out of the way… let’s continue!

Getting Her In The Mood For Sex

Getting a woman in the mood for sex is all about the build-up.  You have been building up this moment since you approached her.  Women know if they want to sleep with a guy within the first time they meet them.  This doesn’t mean all hope is lost if she’s not feeling it right away, but your goal is to build that desire in her from day one.

When you met her, you displayed confidence when you asked her for her number.  When the both of you were getting to know each other, you touched her to show her that you are not her little buddy.  You may not know it but women love the touch of a man, just like men love the touch of a woman.  You want to start closing that gap between the both of you even more.  You want to be in kissing distance.  You want to have her sit on your lap.  You want to start play wrestling.  If she wraps her legs around you, that’s a sign.  If she’s sitting on your lap and you look into her eyes and get closer, and she starts breathing a little heavy, go in for the kiss.  If you notice that she’s getting a little more aggressive than usual, restrain her and stare into her eyes.  If she’s staring back, go in for the kiss.  Your job is to make her hornier than you.

Some women get really aggressive or really submissive when it comes to sex.  If she’s aggressive, tease her a little bit so she can chase you.  If she’s submissive, you want to take control.

Time For Some Action

When the both of you are having sex, get to know her body and what she likes.  Your goal is to give her at least one orgasm before you get yours.  If you give her one, try to give her another.  If you give her two, try to give her another.  Your goal is to give her as many orgasm as possible before you get yours.  If you feel like you’re about to bust too early, stop for a few seconds.  While you’re stopping, use your fingers, tongue or whatever to keep her going.  Remember that it’s not how hard you “hit it”, it’s the effectiveness of each stroke.  You want to monitor her facial and body reaction to whatever it is you do to her.  You may show her something she’s never done before.

It’s very important that you give her at least one orgasm.  If you don’t, she will take you as just another guy.  If you give her at least one orgasm, she’ll enjoy sex with you.  If you give her more than one, she won’t be able to resist you and your sexual advances anytime the moment comes up.

Let Her Be A Freak

The best sex is when both people can be fully into it.  If she feels she needs to be reserved in fear of being judged or thought of as a slut, she will not enjoy the moment.  If you allow her to be a freak, giving her an orgasm may be easier than you thought.  Just remember that it shouldn’t cross your boundaries.  She may have certain fantasies that you may not agree with.  As long as you let her know that you’re not into that, she shouldn’t have a problem with it.  If you don’t mind, let her enjoy herself.

Now… About That Date

Going on a date with a woman you don’t know can be very scary.  You don’t know what to talk about, you feel you need to impress the other person, you can’t be yourself.  If you know the person and already slept with the person, you feel more at ease.  You can actually enjoy the date and know that going home with her or her going home with you will be almost a guarantee.

Going Home With You Will Seem Like It’s Suppose To Happen At The End Of The Date

The problem with the traditional date is you are unsure if she’s coming home with you at the end of the night.  When you are “Dating In Reverse” you will be more confident on the date with her.  Touching her and kissing her won’t be a problem.  You will enjoy the date a lot more.  It will be more about having a good time instead of an interrogation.  She will feel comfortable coming home with you, knowing that she is almost guaranteed satisfaction.  The whole slut vibe is out the window because even though you have slept with her, you still want to hang out with her.  Going home with you will be something that’s suppose to happen at the end of the night.


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