Are You Having Fun Yet?

Setting out to reach a goal is not always easy.  Going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, eating right, working out consistently, taking a course or class you’re not familiar with, etc can be a daunting task.  There does come a point where it can start becoming fun.  If you have to wake up around 4am just to get a workout in before you have to be at work at 6am, you come to a point where you get use to the routine and you realize that you are awake earlier than a lot of people in your neighborhood.  While you’re starting your day, people are sleeping.  If you have to take a class you’re not familiar with, there comes a point where you start to understand the assignments.  You can even turn these assignments into games.  You and a few of your classmates can turn it into a game show and give out prizes.

People say that hard work shouldn’t be fun.  In the beginning it may not be fun, but not making it fun can have you quit very easily.  You’ll find every reason to avoid it.  People either move towards pleasure or move away from pain.  So yes, you may want to build muscle, but the pain of doing a boring exercise that hurts can have you looking for reasons to not workout.  The smallest ache will have you tell yourself to skip this workout.  What if you did workouts that were fun?  What if you liked dancing?  Dancing burns calories just like any exercise, but you may burn more because you are dancing longer than you would if you had to jog.  You may hate doing a specific lift to work a specific muscle group, but what if you liked another lift that worked out the same muscle group?

People think that pain should be associate to success.  Sometimes they like to romanticize the struggle.  It sounds like you overcame something when you tell people:

“I had to sacrifice sleep and hanging out with friends to reach my goal”

Instead of:

“I had fun dancing for hours.  I invited friends and we all had fun.  The funny thing is we lost a ton of weight over those 6 months.”

You don’t have to struggle to reach your goals.  As a matter of fact, you may want to find the fun in any task you do.  Listen to music while you workout, after you achieve a small goal you can reward yourself, etc.  The people who keep challenging themselves are the ones who make a game out of every challenge.  You may hate the challenge, but you look forward to the reward once the challenge is over.  The best part about most of our goals is we set the tone and tempo of how we achieve the goal.  There’s more than one way to skin a bobcat, so look for the way to get the best results, but at the same time, you have a really good time doing.

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