Body Confidence–The Importance Of Aesthetics

Nothing Feels Better Than Being Able To Take Your Shirt Off And Have Women’s Heads Turn

Taking your shirt off and making women’s heads turn is a huge boost in confidence for men.  Women are attracted to, in some shape or form, to men who look strong and healthy.  There is a study, however, that a lot of women are actually attracted to the “dad bod” as it’s known.  That’s the man who has minimal muscle tone and may even have a gut.  Don’t let this give you a reason to gain weight and look like somebody’s father, but let it be something that makes you feel better about the body you may already have.  Even though women may be attracted to the “dad bod”, men who look like they’ve been chiseled out of granite still have an advantage when it comes to attracting women on a grand scale.  The man with the dad bod may still feel like the man “chiseled out of granite” always has the advantage when it comes to attracting women.

Shoulders, Back, Chest, Arms, And Abs

Whenever you workout, there are muscle groups you should put a huge emphasis on to make you more physically attractive to women.  Women like working out their lower bodies because this is the part of the body men’s and hands usually gravitate towards.  Women work out their legs, butts, and abs to make them more physically attractive to men.  So men, you have to start working out the parts of your body that women gravitate towards.  Shoulders, back, chest, arms, and abs.  Notice that the upper body is what women like to focus their attention on a man’s body.  This shows power and strength.  Women are attracted to strong men.  This is on an instinctual level.  This doesn’t mean you want to have a huge upper body and little scrawny legs.  Balance is the key, but your upper body should be the main emphasis.

Lose The Fat, Watch The Muscles Start To Really Show

A quick way to look more muscular and powerful is to start losing fat.  You’ll notice that as you start building muscle, you’ll look bigger than what you really are.  You may be 160 lbs at 9% body fat and look like you’re 180lbs.  Muscle is heavier than fat, so don’t feel discouraged if you look at the scale and see that you’re heavier than you were a week ago.  This doesn’t always mean you are not losing weight.  You may be building muscle, but losing fat!  When you are trying to lose fat, the “pinch test” and what you see in the mirror is a good gauge to go by instead of the numbers on the scale.  The scale is to measure how much you weigh, not how fat you are.

Your Confidence Soars When You Like What You See In The Mirror

There will come a time when you look in the mirror and be extremely proud of what you see.  You may not look like your ideal body type, but at least you know you are heading in the right direction.  Remember that it took time for you to gain fat around your waist, so it will take time to lose the fat around your waist.  Your problem areas will be the last part of your body that burns fat, so be patient if you look more chiseled in certain parts of your body more so than in others.  Focus on building that muscle and burning fat and you’ll see that you can keep the fat off your body a lot easier.

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