Building Without Interruptions

When it comes to building, if it’s a relationship, a business, or a body, you do not want anyone swaying you in the wrong direction.  If you meet a woman who you feel you can have a long-term relationship, the last thing you want is a bunch of men trying to flirt with her or her friends telling her that she can do better.  When you put doubt into people’s heads, the littlest thing looks like a sign that you should not continue building.  If trying to start a singing career, you may have people tell you to get a real job when they hear you always rehearsing or practicing your vocal skills.  The biggest deterrents are the people closest to you like friends and family members.

When you are building, sometimes you need to go into solitude.  It’s okay to get advice, but get it from the right people who can help you achieve your goal, not steer you away from it.  You may want to start your singing career and you’re not getting any gigs.  The people you can look to are the people who know the industry or people who will be able to give you some gigs.  Work on increasing your success with advice and guidance.

There are some times you may need some intervention from loved ones.  If you are trying to become a bodybuilder and you are using drugs to help you reach your goals, you will need someone who loves you to step in and help you stay away from the harmful drugs, but at the same time, help motivate you to continue your bodybuilding career.  Trying to take harmful shortcuts is the worst way you can build.  Everything you worked for can come crashing down all at once.

When you have a goal you want to meet, sometimes you want to keep it to yourself or tell strangers who won’t laugh at you for trying to reach such a high goal.  We all know that when we plan on doing something big, we like to share this new idea with others, but some people are very critical.  As mentioned earlier, when doubt is put into your head, the smallest sign of resistance may look like a reason to stop building.  Constructive criticism is okay, as long as it’s backed up with good ideas.  Don’t let people criticize your plans without giving some solid reasons why something will fail and a good piece of advice on how you can make it work.  With that being said, just because someone gives you advice, doesn’t always means you take their advice.

During these tough times of building, you will need to build a solid foundation first– a solid foundation of real confidence.  With this confidence, you don’t look for reasons to quit, you look for many ways on  how to make something work and pick the best way you want to go.  Wanna learn how?

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