“Butt Naked” Confidence

So what is “butt naked” confidence.  No, it’s not the confidence to run around with no clothes.  No it’s not admiring your butt.  Butt naked confidence is having confidence even if you have nothing.  In other words, confident for no reason.  You don’t need a nice car.  You don’t need a lot of money.  You don’t even need to wear the nicest clothes.  You still walk about like you’re just as important as people with these things.

Most people feel the need to have a whole bunch of stuff to feel like they belong.  Driving a car they may not be able to afford, spending all their money on their “friends” or women they are trying to impress.  With butt naked confidence, you really don’t feel the need to impress anyone, but somehow, people still find themselves coming around you.  You still get good feedback from people.  The reason why is you are solely relying on your personality.  Charisma is something that can be developed.  The only problem is people are so focused on buying the newest thing to get approval.

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