Do Women Like Being Approached By Men On The Street?

There was a video on the Internet not too long ago of a woman walking down Manhattan for about 10 hours.  She wore tight clothes and wanted to see how many men would “cat call” her for the those 10 hours.  She got cat called about 100 times.  This was an experiment, but this happens to women who go out dressing in tight clothes.  Women complain about men who cat call them, but men are wired to notice women wearing tight clothes, showing cleavage, or everything is “just jiggling”.

There’s a problem women when men approach them in the street.  Not the men who walk up to women and have a normal conversation.  The men with the problem are the ones who shout out to her instead of approach:

“What’s up beautiful.”

“Damn girl, you look good”

“Ey, ma, you got a man?”

“Hey sexy”

Remember that women are attracted to men with confidence.  So if you’re shouting out nonsense to her, instead of approaching her like a man, she’s gonna be turned off.  Some women act like they hate when men approach them on the street, but they actually love the attention.  As long as she’s attracted to the men, she has no problem.

Here’s a scenario:

There’s a woman who’s been single for a year.  She finds it hard to meet men who she can laugh and have a good time with.  Most of the men she meets, in her eyes, are a waste of her time.  Then one day you come along.  You look interesting to her.  You look over to her and you introduce yourself.  She smiles and reciprocates.  The both of you have a quick 2 minute chat, and you get her number.  When she leaves, the whole time she is hoping you give her a call because she enjoyed your little talk and you were very confident the way you carried yourself.

Women love when men approach them, but they have to be the type of men she’s attracted to.  For the women who say they feel afraid when men approach them, imagine if these men looked like The Rock, Michael Jai White, or Jason Mamoa.  These men are the type of men a lot of women  are attracted to.  So if you had nothing but these types of men approaching her, complimenting her, she’ll feel validated.  She’ll feel good about herself because the men she’s attracted to are approaching her.   The men who she complains about approaching her are the men who she’s not attracted to.  Some women shoot themselves in the foot when they complain because the one’s she’s attracted to will also not want to approach her being that she “gets tired of men approaching her”.

You can’t get attached to one specific woman when you approach them on the street.  Some women are too busy to talk.  Some women may not be attracted to you.  Some women may be crazy.  When you approach women, it’s not about getting the girl, but about having the power to approach women.

“What does that mean?”

You may get rejected by 100 women a day because they’re too busy to talk at that moment.  Then you may go into a store to buy some clothes.  You may see one of the women you approached a few days ago at her job (which is the store you are shopping at).  She recognizes you and helps you find something nice to wear.  You get her opinion on something that would look good on you.  You may ask her for her opinion on something you already have in mind.  The both of you talk as she’s helping you out and she explains that she couldn’t talk to you on the street because she was about to be late for work, but she is more than happy to get your number and talk to you after work.

It’s not about getting the girl, it’s about having the power to get women.  If you get rejected today, it may not be because she doesn’t like you, it may just be bad timing.  Remember that the only way you’ll know if a woman likes you is to go up and see for yourself.  So if you have approach anxiety, don’t focus on getting the girl, focus on seeing if this attractive woman likes you, too.

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