Don’t Believe The Hype

When you turn on the TV, get on social media, or hang around a bunch of people you know, you’re gonna hear a bunch of stories and information.  Some of this information may be true, some of it may be false.  The reason why countries go to war and have each side wanting to rip the other side’s heads off is because they have been fed propaganda.  Propaganda is nothing new and very common for a group or country to get a huge group of people to follow their agenda.  This can be a good agenda or a bad agenda.  Whatever the agenda is, it’s all based off of perspective.  Don’t believe the hype.

History has taught us that countries go to war all the time.  The thing is the propaganda doesn’t start right before the war, it starts from when you’re a child.  There were cartoons and movies you’ve seen growing up where you saw the soldier of a country saving people from another country.  You saw TV shows where the cops would come in a arrest the bad guy.  So when you watch the news and you see cops shooting unarmed civilians or an army from your country leveling a whole village with bombs and missiles, you tend to think this is the way things are suppose to go.  Let’s put you into each scenario:

Let’s say your son or daughter is out with friends, you get a call from one of your neighbors that your child has been shot by a cop.  How would you think about the police officer who did it, knowing that you taught your child to comply with the police when they ask you questions?  Would you need more facts to come out or are you convinced that the police officer shot your child for no reason?

There are children as old as 12 years old getting killed by police just because they had something in their hand what “looked like a gun”.  You still have people defending the police.

Imagine you are out in the park and you see jets flying by that are not from your country.  Before you realize it, these aren’t just jets flying over you, this is an invasion.  There are bombs being dropped in the distance, people are scattering, and you don’t know if you’ll live to see another day.

This happens to other countries all the time.  Before you say a country deserves to be invaded by your country, imagine what would happen if you were caught in the middle of a battle and your are right there in the mix of action.  It may seem cool in the movies, but unlike the movies, those are real bullets and bombs flowing all around you.  This is what some countries have to go through on a daily basis.

The purpose of this post is not to depress you, but to get you to think for yourself.  Don’t believe everything you hear in the news or what your friends tell you.  People have their own agenda and once you find out what it is, you can then decide if you want to help them go through with their agenda or not.

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