Eating Big And Still Dropping The Fat

Are you one of those people who love to eat?  Do you like to eat but worry that you’re going to get fat and outta shape?  In this post, you’re gonna learn how to gain weight if you want to.  You’re gonna learn how to lose weight if you want to.  You can do all this without getting fat. You may hear people say,

“Don’t eat that, it has 500 calories”

No one really understands how calories work, but it doesn’t matter how much calories one particular food has, what matters is how many calories you consume in total in a day over a certain period of time.  Here’s how the numbers work:

Maintenance calories:

Body weight X 14 = Calories to maintain your weight

Calories to lose fat (caloric deficit):

Body weight X 10 = Calories to lose fat

Calories to gain weight (caloric surplus Warning: You can start to gain fat if you stay on a caloric surplus too long):

Body weight X 18 to 20 = Calories to gain weight

So if you want to lose weight, just drop your caloric intake.  If you want to maintain your weight, eat at maintenance.  If you want to gain weight, increase your caloric intake.

So how do you eat like a pig and still eat at a caloric deficit or maintenance?  Very simple.  Remember that it’s not the amount of calories in a specific food, but the amount of calories in total for that day.  So you may have:

4 chicken breast (about 400-500 calories)

4 potatoes used to make french fries (about   440-580 calories)

1 20 oz. soda (about 120-200 calories)

Slice of cake (about 300-500 calories)

Let’s add that all up just using the most calories

500 + 580 + 200 + 500 = 1,780 calories

That meal may fill you up so much you may not eat for the rest of the day or eat something lighter at the end of the day.  The reason why people say don’t eat things with higher calories is because if that thing doesn’t fill you up, you’re going to be hungry and consume more calories.  This is why you shouldn’t eat too much junk food because you may consume a lot of calories but still feel hungry.

Use your calories like currency.  If you’re cutting (trying to lose fat), you should say, “I have X amount of calories I can eat, let me use them wisely because I don’t want to be hungry while I’m losing weight”.

If you incorporate Intermittent Fasting (learn about how that works by clicking here), you’ll be able to burn fat quicker because your body is using your fat as fuel instead of the food you eat while you’re fasted.

Now when you want to start working out, you’ll notice you’re seeing faster results because your body is utilizing the foods you eat and burning fat much more effectively because it’s getting the right amount of calories to gain weight (or muscle) or lose weight.

Building muscle helps solidify how good you feel about your body, but if you don’t have the body you want, you can still have a solid foundation of confidence.  Wanna know how?

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