Eating Healthier Without Deprivation

When most people think of eating healthy, they think of eating food that taste like cardboard or dry and bland.  The reality is healthy food can be the best-tasting food.  You don’t have to eat celery sticks and carrots to lose weight.  You don’t have to give up the junk food to look like a fitness model.  All you need is to understand something called calories.

A study was done by a professor of human nutrition by the name of Mark Haub, who decided to do an experiment on food.  He ate mostly junk food, with some fruits, some vegetables, and protein shakes.  He was only allowing himself to eat only about 1800 calories a day, which for someone his size, would be eating 2,600 calories a day.  After the experiment, he lost 27lbs, his “good cholesterol” increased and his “bad cholesterol” decreased.  This experiment was done to see if calories were the main culprit when it comes  to losing weight.

What does this mean?  Calorie counting is very effective when it comes to gaining, losing, and maintaining your weight.  If you’ve read the post, Eating Big And Still Dropping The Fat, you get a breakdown of how to calculate your calories to gain, lose, and maintain your weight.  This is why you can eat very healthy and look like a cow (cows eat mostly grass, which is a form of vegetation).  If you understand how to manipulate your caloric intake, you won’t have much of a weight problem.  If you include a little fasting, like Intermittent Fasting, your body can utilize the fat in your body as fuel when you are not eating anything, making you lose fat more effectively.  If you eat every few hours, your body is using food for energy.  If you don’t eat for a big portion of the day, your body is running off of the fat in your body.  When you eat, it’s able to replace the glycogen in your muscles that has been depleted during your fast.  Don’t think of fasting as starving yourself, think of your body doing something it has been doing for hundreds of thousands of years!

If you’re thinking of going on diet that’s consist of mostly junk food, think again.  Yes, you’ll be able to lose weight due to a lower caloric intake, but eating processed foods can have long term bad side effects.  Even though the study was for only 10 weeks, it’s not wise to have that diet over 10 years.

You want real food.  Real food is what your body thrives on.  That’s fruits, vegetables, water, meat, etc.  Do you have to eat nasty vegetables?  Not at all.  Pick the vegetables that taste good to you.  Have a wide variety of delicious vegetables that you’ll love to choose from.  Do they have to be bland.  No, the tastier the better.  Find dressings, seasonings, and ways of cooking them that makes them taste the best.  Do you have to give up junk food?  Nope.  If you are full off of real food, you can have that slice of cake or a nice scoop of ice cream to top everything off.  If you have a day of eating nothing but junk food, it won’t kill you, because you already know that there is one person who was eating it for 10 weeks.  Find healthy foods you enjoy and eat a lot of it.  Remember that vegetables are only one part of the equation.  You can eat fish, meat, fruits, eggs, poultry, yams, potatoes, etc.  Make your list of foods you enjoy and learn how to make 20-30 minute meals to keep you from going straight for the junk food.  Stew your food so you can eat some leftovers whenever you get hungry.

When you enjoy your food, even if it’s healthy food, you never deprive yourself.  There are people who live to be in their hundreds and they don’t have a super-strict healthy diet.  On the flipside, you have people who are on super-strict healthy diets and they don’t make it past 40 due to some type of disease or heart problem.  Balance is the key, so take the good with the bad and eat in moderation.

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