Enjoying Your Favorite Foods And Still Losing Body Fat

What are your favorite foods?  Do you like to fill your plate to the brim with a lot of food?  Well, believe it or not but if you’re trying to lose weight (or body fat) you can still eat those foods.  You don’t need to eat a leaf a day to lose weight, as a matter of fact, when you eat your favorite foods while you lose weight, it makes losing weight more enjoyable.  In the blog post, Intermittment Fasting–Making Fat Loss Seem Effortless, it talks about how to use Intermittent Fasting to lose fat in detail.  A goal you should have one day is to eat more healthier choices, but foods you’ll enjoy, but for now, we’re gonna talk about losing fat eating the not-so-healthy foods.

The main thing to keep in mind is your caloric intake.  You want to take the amount of weight you would like to weigh and multiply by 10 (when you’re trying to lose weight, don’t try to go no more than 25 lbs at a time).  That will be your daily caloric intake.  As Greg O’ Gallagher of the YouTube channel, Kinobody, says,

“You want to start pushing your first meal further into the day”.

If you like to eat about one hour before you go to bed, back track 8 hours and that will be when you eat your first meal or drink your first drink with calories.  So if you  go to bed at 9 PM, break your fast at 1 PM.  Treat your calories like currency.  If your daily caloric intake is around 1800, don’t go for the junk food that doesn’t satisfy your hunger, go for foods that make you feel full with less calories. Your meals should satiate you for about 2-4 hours until your next meal.  Be careful with drinks, you may be consuming more calories than you think due to the drinks you are consuming.  Look at that bottle of soda.  If  you are drinking 3 20 oz. bottles of soda a day, that may be about an extra 300-480 extra calories you are consuming on top of the meals you are eating.  If you like soda, track those calories along with your meals.

Cook your foods to track your calories easier or go online and see how many calories your favorite fast food have.  Cooking doesn’t take too long.  Don’t feel like a chick doing this if you’re a guy.  Some of your favorite body builders do this while they are on a cut.  If the meal doesn’t satiate your hunger, but has a lot of calories, use these foods on a re-feed day.  A refeed day is when you consume more calories in a day so your body can continue to burn fat when you start eating fewer calories again.  Your body starts to slow down your metabolism when you are on a cut (eating at a caloric deficit) so you won’t lose too much body fat.  It’s a survival mechanism.  So you have to eat more calories (possibly eat at maintenance) so your body will say “okay, we’re not starving, so I can continue to lose body fat again” when you start eating a a deficit again.

When you get in the habit of doing this, you’ll be able to memorize the calories each meal has.  If you want to start eating healthier, only eat foods you enjoy.  If you hate peas, don’t add them to your meals.  All your meals should be enjoyable because it’s not the foods but the calories that count.  Be careful though, because some foods bloat you up more than others.  Keep track of these foods.  This bloat sometimes last for days.  If you have a photo shoot or just want to strut around the beach without a shirt, don’t eat these foods.

When you can eat your favorite foods and still have the body you want, along with proper exercise, you feel a lot more confident.  This is one of the elements to building a solid foundation of real confidence.  For more tips and advice on building this foundation in other areas of your life, click the link below.

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