Epic Success

Have you ever experienced epic success?  The kind of success that you could talk about for years to come?  Kinda like that show Married With Children where the character Al Bundy talks about scoring 4 touchdowns in one game.  If you’ve read the post, Your Time Will Come, you may still be waiting for that moment.

Imagine that one goal you been trying to accomplish for some time now.  It may be trying to put that big business deal together.  It may be trying to pass a class that determines if you graduate or not.  It may even be something like kicking an addiction that you’ve been struggling with for years.  Whatever your goal is, it doesn’t matter how much it means to other people, it only matters how much it means to you.  With that being said, if someone feels they had an epic success with something you felt was minor, don’t kill the moment by demeaning their struggle.  There are adults as old as 40 who struggle with illiteracy.  Just because you graduated at the top of your class in a prestigious university doesn’t give you the right to take a dump on someone else’s epic success.

Everyone has their own path in life and some may reach the same goal as you way earlier than you.  This may be a person you would like to help show you the way.  If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels not getting anywhere, maybe it’s time you get help from someone who has been in the situation where you are at and can help you to continue moving forward.  You’re not a loser if you ask for a little help.

Epic success doesn’t always last forever.  This is why it’s very important to capitalize on that success.  If you’re a musician and have a hit record, you may want to take advantage of that opportunity and make as much money as possible.  You can appear on radio and TV shows.  You can do commercials to make even more money.  You can even buy a few franchises with the money you’ve made with your earnings.  Because guess what?  When your records aren’t selling like they use to, you can still make money.  If years have passed, you can do a tour, singing the songs that people loved from that hit album.  You may not be selling that many records, but you are still making money through other business ventures.

Once you get that epic success, don’t waste the opportunity to capitalize off of your own success.  There are way too many people who are struggling to get back in the game, all because they thought that the success was going to last forever.

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