Expect Respect

Have you ever wanted to tell a person how you felt, but in the back of your mind, you kinda felt like they wouldn’t listen to you?  Did you know by thinking this why, you make that a reality.  How?  Well let’s think about a few things:

  • You may not look the person in the eye
  • You sound uncertain, like what you’re saying isn’t true or inconsistent
  • Your tone of voice is weak.  You are not conveying a strong message, but hoping that people will listen to you instead of giving them a reason to listen to you
  • You may insult them or shout at them, thinking that this is the way people get respect

The fact of the matter is if you expect respect, you’ll have a higher chance of getting it.  If you sound like you mean what you say, people will give you their attention a lot more.  People will give you more respect because it shows in your body language and tone that you deserve it.

So How Do You Get People To Listen To You With Respect?

You must display strong body language, clear and strong tone of voice, and actually articulate your feelings and thoughts.  No one can feel how you feel unless you articulate it in a way where they can relate.  You can’t expect people to take pity on you and listen to what you have to say.  Some people will, but there are a lot of people who must be shown why they need to respect you.  Here are some things you should do if you expect to get respect:

  • Say what you mean and be honest about your intentions.  You don’t have to give your whole life story, but tell people clearly what you want and don’t want.  No one is a mind-reader.
  • Look the person in the eye.  Not in an intimidating way, but more like you see them eye-to-eye.  Eye contact shows that you are confident in yourself.  Be careful.  There’s a thin line between a man with good eye contact and a creepy guy.

  • Speak with authority.  If you sound unsure of yourself and what you are talking about, people will tend to ignore you.  If you speak like you know what you are talking about, people will believe you a lot more.  This is something you can’t fake.  If someone fact-checks you, what you say better be accurate.  Your tone should be of a person that must be heard.
  • Be strong without being intimidating.  There are a lot of people who think you have to intimidate people to show how strong you are.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is powerful-looking guy.  His presence alone displays how powerful  he is, but he seems like one of the coolest people you could hang out with.  With that being said, you wouldn’t think it’s a good idea to be on his bad side.

It’s Time To Start Expecting Respect

Expecting respect starts with a solid foundation of real confidence.  Click the link below to find out how you can get started on building that foundation today.  Don’t worry… it’s free!

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