Fluidity And Ease Vs. The Struggle

There’s a saying that good things don’t come easy, but most of us make things harder than what they really are.  Most of us will jump through hoops to get the bare minimum.  When it comes to life, for some it’s a struggle, for others it’s fluid.

“If you’re struggling, you may be doing something wrong”

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may eat like a bird and foods they don’t really enjoy, do hours of cardio, and you notice no results.  If you’ve ever done Intermittent Fasting, you delay eating for a certain amount of hours, can eat pretty much whatever you want (within a certain caloric amount), and burn fat effortlessly.  People who do Intermittent Fasting are much more happier when it comes to working out because they know that every workout counts.  Instead of doing cardio for hours, they workout for about 45 minutes to an hour.  They do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio, where they do high intense cardio for a about a minute, rest, and repeat.  This session is possibly only for about 15 minutes to a half hour.  This way is much more effective for burning fat than jogging on the treadmill for hours.  Remember that it’s not necessarily weight you are trying to drop, but fat.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so the pounds you are losing may also be muscle if you’re not properly exercising.  If you’re a woman, this method of training will not make you bulky like a man.  Weight training for women gives them the shape they want without making them look like bulky like a man.

The reason why most of us struggle is because of lack of good information or we refuse other people’s help.  A very good resource to use is the Internet to find out how to make your life easier.  You have videos, blogs and articles, podcast, etc.  Struggling doesn’t lead to greatness, because you may give up easier, especially if it’s something you don’t want to do.  The people who can workout every day and enjoy it see better results than someone who workouts out and feels like they’re not getting any results.  The person who starts that online business can keep improving when they see more traffic, sales, and interaction with their site than someone who sees not one visitor or sale on their site over a certain period of time.  Ask for help and use the resources available to you online.  Some resources are free, but don’t be afraid to pay money for something that can change your life for the better.  Fluidity and ease is what makes you great.  Even if something is difficult, you can make it easier on yourself.  Remember that greatness takes time, so you want to give yourself enough time for something to work.  Enjoy the progress vs the goal.  Because when you do reach your goal, you’ll feel like you can exceed it.

Don’t let the struggle get to you.  Learn how to build a solid foundation of real confidence so you’ll be able to make your life more fluid and easier even during the struggling times.

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