Head-Butt Your Fears

Every fear you have is all in your head.  If you like a girl, you don’t approach her because you THINK she’s gonna reject you.  Whenever you have an idea and you want to turn it into a business, you THINK the business will fail, so you don’t go through with it.  You never tried out for the team because you THOUGHT that you wouldn’t make the cut.  If there is a fear you want to rid yourself of, the only way you can do it is by facing it.

Facing your fears doesn’t mean going right in unprepared.  You want to increase your chances of success.  You want to know what you’re up against.  If you like a girl, and you found out that she felt the same way about you, it’s much easier to go up and approach her, right?  If you tried out for the team and you’ve been practicing for months, you would feel more confident that you’ll get picked, right?  Sometimes, being knowledgeable and prepared for something still has people paralyzed in fear.  When this happens, the only thing you can do is go up and see what happens.

When there’s a war, you have new recruits who go through basic training and sometimes special training so they can prepare themselves for battle.  Once training is over, it’s time for show and tell.  Some people make it back, some people don’t.  Some people make it back in one piece, and some people leave a part of them on the battlefield.  It may be a body part or it may be their mind.  The fears you have right now is not as drastic as war.  The only battle that’s going on is between you and yourself.  The you who wants to take action and the you who is paralyzed in fear.  The good thing about the battles within is they are within your control to overcome.

Don’t think of winning as getting what you want all the time.  Start thinking of winning as taking the actions needed to take.  The more actions you take, the more likely you’ll succeed.  If you have a fear going on in your head right now, ask yourself a series of questions:

“What am I afraid of?”

“Will this harm or kill me if I don’t succeed?”

“What benefits will I get once I take action?”

Most of the time when you ask yourself a bunch of questions, you realize you’re afraid for no reason and when you do take action, even rejection isn’t so devastating.  It even motivates you to keep taking action because the worst part of your fear has been lifted.  All that’s left is going for what you want when you keep taking action.

Every action you take will not go in your favor, but every action you take should have a strong foundation of confidence under it to keep you standing when you get knocked around by rejection.  Wanna learn how to build this foundation?

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