How To Approach Beautiful Women In Seconds

It’s all in your head.  You see an attractive women in your view that you would like to talk to.  The moment you tell yourself that you would like to approach her, you start getting approach anxiety.  Why?  Because it’s all in your head.  You get what you may call “Automatic Rejection Syndrome”.  Thoughts start clouding your head telling you that you’re going to get rejected.  That she’s not interested in you.  Fortunately, there is a way to get over this problem.  You see, when you think too much about getting rejected, you tend to procrastinate talking to the women you’re attracted to.  If you do take action, the actions are not strong enough for her to feel any impact.  She may be able to tell you’re nervous, which doesn’t always go against you if she likes you already.  You don’t know if she likes you or not.  So what do you do when you’re not sure about something?


Yes, the thoughts in your head of getting rejected are not real because you didn’t go up and find out for yourself.  Instead, you’ve created a scenario in your head that you believe.  What if you go up to her and talk to her and she tells you, “I was wondering when you were gonna come over and talk to me”.  How would you feel?  Wouldn’t that mean you were afraid for nothing?  The movie in your head is a theory.  You may have gotten rejected in the past and, according to past experience, you came to the conclusion that attractive women reject you, and that’s why you have Automatic Rejection Syndrome.  The truth is when you have a theory, you have to test that theory out.  In this case, if you have a theory in your head that you’re going to get rejected, you may be wrong about your theory.  Will you be ready if she doesn’t reject you?

Here’s a way you can start looking at approaching beautiful women:

You see the beautiful woman.  In your mind, all you should be telling yourself is, “She’s attractive, let’s see what happens if I go over there and talk to her”.  Being that you don’t know if she’s going to reject you or not, don’t go up and approach getting your hopes up, but also don’t go up and expect rejection.  If you expect rejection, and don’t get it, you may not know how to react.  If you go up and get your hopes up, if she rejects you, you may walk away with your tail between your legs.  When you go up and see what happens, you have the power.  You are going up not only to see if she likes you, but also to  see if you like her.  When you think on these terms, the fear diminishes a little bit.  You’ll be more quicker to approach because the sooner you find out your answer, the better, so you can move on to the next one if it doesn’t go well.

When you go up to a woman and have a “I hope she likes me” mentality, you’re at her mercy.  You may lie or become very deceptive just to get her to like you.  If you go up to see if you like her, you’re looking for a reason to continue talking to her or even building a better relationship with her.  When men try to win women over, sometimes they try to win the wrong women over.  Sometimes they try to win over crazy women.  Sometimes they try to win over women who are habitual cheaters.  Sometimes they try to win over women with addiction problems.  If you start shifting your mind to screen the women out you approach, you’ll spot the things you don’t want before it’s too late.  When you shift your mindset, you’ll approach a woman within seconds because you’re thinking, “I see what I like.  Let me see if what I like is right for me and likes me back.”

Thinking in this way makes your approaches more confident.  You’re not trying to impress the woman or jump through hoops.  You are like a detective or scientist who’s trying to come to a some conclusions:

Does she like me?

Do I like her?

Is she someone I can make into a long-term relationship or just a very short-term relationship?

Should I get to know her a little more or is the first impression a reason for me to quit while I’m ahead?

Thinking from a position of power when you approach women makes you feel more confident approaching women.  You’re not worried too much about getting the girl, instead your main concern is getting your answer to let you know if this girl is for you or should you move on.  This can be for the short-term or the long-term.

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