How To Cut Down On Junk Food

Are you a junk food junkie?  Do you go for the cookies and potato chips as your first meal of the day?  Do you notice that the more you grab the junk food, the hungrier you become?  You gain all this weight, but you are always hungry.  Have you noticed that the fattest people eat the most junk food?  Look at one of those shows where people are as big as the sofa they’re sitting on.  You’ll notice that they eat a lot of junk food.  Does this mean you should give up junk food altogether?  No, you can still enjoy your cakes, cookies, and ice cream, but you’ll be more satisfied when you do eat these foods.

The reason why people go for junk food as their first meal is because junk food is quick and easy.  Hungry?  Grab a bag of potato chips.  The problem is you may eat the whole bag, adding an extra 1200 calories and you’re still hungry.  If you’re struggling with your weight, this may be the reason why.

If you want to cut down on junk food, here’s what you can do.  Buy some fruit.  Fruit has a lot of fiber, which gives you that feeling of being full.  So if you’re hungry, instead of eating a whole family sized bag of potato chips, grab a bunch of bananas or a whole cantaloupe.  Eating 10 bananas is about the equivalent of a whole bag of potato chips.  With the bananas, you’ll feel full longer.  Instead of buying the family sized junk food, get a small pack of junk food to keep in the house.  A lot of times we eat junk food because it’s there.  So if it’s not there, and you’re hungry, you are forced to cook or get some real food from the store.

Fill up on real food and use junk food as a treat.  So if you’re hungry, eat big, but make sure the food is something that’s filling.  Chicken breast, steak, potatoes, rice, etc. is something that’s going to “stick to your ribs”.  When you are done eating and want a little snack, grab a slice of cake or potato chips.  You don’t realize how many extra calories you consume when you’re hungry and grabbing food that doesn’t fill you up.  Hunger is a signal your body gives you to feed it real food.

The more you cut down on junk food, the more easy it is to lose weight and keep it off.  Just like a credit card, don’t give yourself easy access to a lot of junk.  Make it to where in order for you to get some junk food, you have to leave the house.  You will want to stock up on fruits and quick meal foods like eggs, peanut butter, bread, etc.

What about fast food like Burger King or McDonald’s?  If it doesn’t fill you up, then you are wasting your time if you’re hungry.  A good way to be able to eat whenever you’re hungry is to cook when you don’t even feel like eating.  Put that food you cooked in the refrigerator.  Once you get hungry, all you have to do is heat it up.  Making stews and chili is a really good way to save money and have a  meal you can eat for a few days.

So the best way to cut down on junk food is to eat real food that fills you up.  You can still enjoy ice cream and cake, but you’ll notice if you’re full, you will eat a lot less of it.

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