How To Establish Yourself As A Man She Would Want To Date

Women are attracted to men who can lead them.  This doesn’t mean have control of her life like she’s a baby (even though you may call her “baby”).  If you try to control a woman’s life, she will feel like a prisoner in the relationship and she will look for a way out.  This usually means find another guy.  If you want to have more success with women, you need to establish yourself as a man women would want to date.

Women look for certain qualities in a man.  Depending on the woman, you may have different women tell you different things they want from a man.  We’re not gonna focus on the superficial (good looks, good body, etc).  We’re gonna focus on the thing that women look for in a man they want to date or even make into their husband.  This may not be your goal at the moment, but when you are ready, it’s good to know that you can attract your future wife.

A responsible man is what women consider a real man.  If a woman is with you, she wants to feel good about her choice in the man she decides to have a baby with.  You may not be trying to be a father, but this is another part of being responsible.  Prevention from getting a woman pregnant is just as important as being a father to the child you helped create.  When you have a child you didn’t raise due to being irresponsible, that woman may have that child hate your guts.

A responsible man takes care of his woman.  Not like a child, but more like a protector.  If a woman doesn’t feel protected by you, she will have that wandering eye, looking for a man who can protect her.  Does this mean get yourself into danger just to keep her safe?  The best form of protection is getting your woman out of harm’s way.  So if you’re confronted by 3 men who want to cause your woman harm, getting your woman out of there may be better than fighting three men off.  If you win, you’ll look like the big hero, but if you lose, you may actually put your woman into more danger.

Women look to men for strength.  It doesn’t matter how “independent” or “strong” a woman is.  Who does she go to when she’s feeling weak?  Women want to feel vulnerable sometimes.  This is the reason why women get fed up with weaker men.  If she’s stronger than her man, how can she feel vulnerable with him?  This is one of the reasons women hate when men are indecisive.  If she’s making all the decisions, how can she feel vulnerable when she doesn’t have the answers?  A strong man who can lead her will allow her to give her input, but he makes the final decisions.

So how do you establish yourself as a man who she would want to date or even take things to the next level?  You have to get overcome your weaknesses.  A good start is to build a solid foundation of real confidence.  Wanna learn how?

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