How To Get Women To Chase You

A lot of men want to know how to get women to chase them.  The idea of getting rejected time and time again by women is very painful to a lot of men, so if women chase them, it’s easier because he gets to choose what women he wants.  You may have women chasing you right now but these women are not the type of women you actually want around.  Some women may be chasing you that you are attracted to, but you may think she’s always around you just to be friendly.

Women don’t normally throw themselves at men.  If you’ve watched a movie where the woman couldn’t help herself and just chased the man that she liked, it may have given you some kind of idea that you want this to happen to you.  The truth is certain men get chased by certain women.  The type of men who get chased by women are the ones who know how to get women to the point where they lose control or just decide that they need to take action to get you.

Women are used to men chasing them.  The more attractive a woman is the more attention she usually gets from men.  These men usually tell her how beautiful she is, what they want to do to her sexually, etc.  If you want women to chase you, you can’t be chasing her.  You can’t be the thirsty dude trying to get her attention and approval like all the rest of the men.  To be honest, you like the idea of women chasing you than them actually chasing you.  Here’s why:

Imagine there’s one of the hottest chicks you’ve ever laid eyes on decides to approach you.  Imagine she walks up to you and tells you how handsome you are.  Imagine she tells you she wants to have sex with you on the spot.  Imagine when you give her your number, she calls you 3 times a day when you don’t get a chance to pick up.  When you do pick up, she tells you she was thinking about you and wanted to come see you right away.  It may seem like something you want but if it happens to you, it seems kinda desperate when women come on too strong and this is exactly why women use self-control when pursuing the men they’re attracted to.

You really don’t want women to chase you, but you want to lead women in a direction you want them to go.  So if you see an attractive woman, when you approach her, you want her to be more willing to do what you want her to do.  So if you set a date, you want her to go on that date with you on the day the both of you agreed upon.  If you go for the kiss, you want her to allow you to kiss her.  When you call or text her, you want her to respond.  This may require you work on being the kind of person she will allow to lead her.

So how do you get the power to lead women and be more willing to date you and do what you want them to do?  She has to be willing to trust you.  If you’re trustworthy (that means with her body and her heart) she will be more ready and willing for you to lead her.  She knows that if you’re taking her in a direction she doesn’t want to go, you’re not going to force her.  You can try to convince her, but you should never force her to do something she doesn’t want to do.  When she feels like she won’t be put in harm’s way, she will be more accommodating to your advances.  This means you’ll need to practice self-control.  If you get a woman to a point where she’s rolling around with you on the couch, and you want to take things to the bedroom, she may resist.  At this point, your head between your legs is determined on this goal, so you may get angry, frustrated, and aggressive.  If you’re too aggressive, you may make her feel uncomfortable and she may want to leave.  To prevent this from happening, you have to get her to a point where she won’t resist.  You have to make her want it worst than you.

The problem a lot of men have is they’re focused on themselves.  When you are so horny you can’t think straight, it ruins your chances when women change their mind.  A man who focuses on the woman is relaxed and in control of his hormones, and he’s conjuring up feelings within the woman where she can’t help but take him to the bedroom.  You want to make the woman hornier than you.  You want to seduce the woman.  A lot of touching, slowly getting her to where you want her to go.  You are slowly touching her in places that get her in the mood.  If she’s resisting, don’t get angry, instead ease her into things.  If she’s resisting, you may be moving too fast.  Slow things down.  When the both of you finally do sleep together, and she’s been satisfied, you’ll notice that all that slow stuff goes out the window.  She’s more eager to take YOUR clothes off.  She’s allowing you to undress her and have YOUR way with her.

In order to make it to this point, you’ll need a solid foundation of confidence that gives you that power of self-control in these situations.  Wanna learn how to build this foundation?

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