How To Keep The Conversation Flowing With Women

Good conversation is one of the keys to a good relationship.  When you have chemistry with a woman, the relationship is more fun and enjoyable.  What about if you’re one of those people who meets a woman or talks to a woman and you run out of things to talk about?  Is there a way you can talk to women and always have something to talk about?

Keeping the conversation flowing doesn’t always mean talking for hours on end.  A conversation flow doesn’t always mean “keep going”.  If you want to be a guy who has good conversation, you have to know how to keep the conversation transitioning.

“What do you mean “keep the conversation transitioning?”

The problem with conversations sometimes isn’t keeping it going, it’s about transitioning from one topic to the next.  You may be talking about something boring like the weather, but you want to get a little more personal.  Yes, you could talk about the weather, the seasons, storms, temperature, different parts of the world, etc, but you want to have the ability to go from talking about the weather to possibly getting her number or setting up a date for the weekend.  So the flow of conversation should be transitioning from a less interesting topic to an more interesting topic.

Something that’s also important about conversation is making something mundane into something exciting.  If someone asks you about your day, you may have sat around the house all day, but this doesn’t mean you’re not an interesting person.  You could start out talking about sitting around the house all day, but you can go into something more interesting, like a movie you watched or a video you saw online.  Then you can have a more interesting conversation about that.  Let’s be honest, 75% of our time is us working or doing something mundane.  There will be those rare occasions where we might go on a road trip or to a theme park.  So just because you don’t lead an exciting life doesn’t mean you can’t have interesting things to talk about.

Something a lot of men don’t think about when having a conversation is learning how to end the conversation for that moment.  Being able to have an hour long conversation is just as important as being able to cut the conversation short.  You may bump into someone who’s running late to work.  The last person they want to bump into is the guy who wants to talk for hours, unless the both of you are waiting for a ride that takes about that much time or the actual ride to work takes that long.  A good conversation could be 2 minutes long.  A good conversation can even be shorter than that:

You: Hey, how you been?  I haven’t seen you in months!  How you doin’?

Woman: I’m good.  I’m about to head off to work.  I’m running late.

You; Oh, I won’t hold you up.  Why don’t you give me your number so we can keep in touch?

Woman: Okay it’s—

That conversation was only four lines.  You may be able to have a longer conversation if you call while she has free time.

Some conversations have a “to be continued” moment.  You may talk to a woman on the bus, have a good conversation and her stop or your stop arrives.  If the both of you exchange numbers, you can continue your conversation later on.  Sometimes you talk about something one day and don’t finish the conversation on that one thing until another day.  So you might be talking about your trip to Vegas today, something or someone interrupts you, and you finish your story the next day.  Conversations are not always within that  moment.  Some people go back to a conversation they had years earlier to make their point today.

Good conversation is about 90% chemistry and about 10% of the actual words spoken.  You could have the most interesting story in the world, but if there’s no chemistry between the people you’re telling the story to, they may not have that excitement in their eyes.  You could also be in the room with someone without saying a word, but if the chemistry is good, there’s no need for conversation.

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