How To Stay Out Of The Friend Zone

Men will usually ask the question, “How do you get out of the friend zone with a girl you like?”  This is asked by a lot of men because this problem plagues a lot of men.  The question you need to ask yourself is, “How did I get into the friend zone in the first place?”  If you never get into something, you never have to get out.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to “weasel” your way into her heart or into her bed.  Women usually friend zone guys they’re not interested in sexually.  If you asked a woman would they friend zone a guy who they are sexually attracted to, the answer would be a big fat “NO!”.  So instead of trying to get on her good side and kiss up to her, why not work on getting her respect first.

“What does respect have to do with anything?”

Respect is a good foundation for all relationships.  A lot of times when guys like a girl, they will jump through hoops for her and try to do the most, just so she can like him back.  So they will put up with a lot bad treatment.  Some men will do things that will actually make her disrespect him.  If you focus on the respect, you will be more level-headed.  You will set boundaries.  If you don’t like how she’s treating you, you always have the option of walking away.  You have to remember that this specific girl may not be for you.

Another good way to stay out of the friend zone is to make yourself more sexually attractive to women.  A lot of women like men with a little muscle on them.  You don’t have to look like an African god, but you want to build a little muscle to look more solid and strong. A man with  a nice body has a better chance than a guy who is outta shape.

How is your confidence?  Do you feel you are beneath the women you’re attracted to?  Women don’t like men to worship them.  This a one-way ticket to being in the friend zone.  She has you wrapped around her finger and she can easily manipulate you.  The man a woman cannot manipulate is a challenge.  If you’re a challenge, you become interesting all of a sudden.

Make your intentions clear.  You may not get the girl, but at least you get an answer.  So if you like a girl, try to talk to her like you are romantically interested in her.  Don’t talk to her like you’re trying to avoid getting rejected.  Don’t talk to her like you’re in the presence of a goddess.  Remember that just because a girl rejects you it doesn’t mean you have to hate each other.  You can still talk to her, but don’t try to weasel your way into her panties.  Women can spot this a mile away and will put up a barricade fence around the friend zone so you can never get out.  When you stop trying so hard, things get easier.

Remember it’s not about getting “the girl”.  It’s about having the power to attract the women YOU want.

Build a solid foundation of confidence so this can become easier.  Wanna learn how?

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