How To Tell If A Woman Likes You

Women are different than men.  If they like a guy, a lot of times they’ll drop little hints.  It’s very rare where a woman will tell you that she likes you. Well, how will you know?  If you look close enough or pay attention, there may have been a woman giving you signs all along.  We are going to go over some non-traditional signs that a woman may like you.

Get Frustrated Or Angry With You If You Don’t Notice Her

Let’s say a woman likes you, but you’re oblivious to her subtle hints.  She may tell you something like,

“I just did my hair.  What do you think?”

Some guys think she’s wants an ego boost because she just did her hair.  So if you give a response like, “I don’t know.  It looks nice.”  She may get a little frustrated with you.  For all you know, she may have had you in mind when she went to get her “hair did”.  When she finally sees you and wants to know what you think, the last thing she want to hear is “I don’t know.  It looks nice.”  If you don’t like the girl, you may not care, but if you do like the girl, here’s what you do.  Pay attention to the small details.  Hair, nails, shoes, her sense of fashion, etc.  Paying attention doesn’t mean sweating her, it just means noticing little things.  If she got her hair cut even a centimeter, let her know that you took notice.

Roll Her Eyes At You When She’s Talking To You

This one is a little tricky because rolling your eyes at someone could mean you’re disgusted with them, but when a woman is talking to you, and rolls her eyes at you, this could be a sign she likes you.  Some girls try to act stuck up and mean, but this is a sign that they may like the guy.  A word of advice… tread carefully with this one.

Plays Pranks On You

This is kind of like a woman hitting you when she likes you.  When a girl plays pranks on you specifically, she may have a little crush on you.  When women annoy you, it’s a way for them to get your attention.  If you are not paying her too much attention, even if you’re annoyed with her, being annoyed with her is better than no attention at all.

She Acts Ditsy Or Confused

If she is not known for being ditsy or confused, it may be an act.  The hotter she is, the more she can get away with it.  If she says she’s confused, her excuse is for you to show her how something should be done.  Kinda like the movie Mean Girls.  Lindsay Lohan’s character was a math genius, but she would act like she needed help in math.  When the guy she liked showed her how to do it, she knew he was making mistakes, but she just went along with it.

She Leaves Something Behind So She Can See You Again

If you’ve ever invited a woman to your house for a one-night stand.  You may notice she “left” her earring or bracelet.  Sometimes this is intentional.  She left it so she can call you and ask you if you’ve seen it.  If you have, she’ll ask if she can pick it up.  This one is actually an old trick that a lot of women use.  This is also a way for her to “mark her territory”.  If you have another girl over, they’ll notice something from another girl.  You  notice that women always leave stuff that women usually have.  They never leave something that either a guy or a girl could have.  They leave hair ties, bobby pins, bracelets, earrings, etc.  They never leave behind a sock or money.

She Defends You Or Makes Excuses For You

Not the “I feel sorry for you” defense.  This is more like a “Leave my man alone” type of defense.  If a woman likes you, she will make sure no one is saying anything foul about you.  She will even make excuses for you.  An example would be:

“Man, why is he playing like trash?”

Her: “He’s just tired.  He’s been playing his heart out out there.”

She Avoids You

This may be one of the most annoying things a woman can do if she likes you.  She avoids you or makes excuses why she can’t hang out with you, but she will get angry if she sees you with other girls.  You may make her so nervous that she will avoid you.  Being in your presence intimidates her.  Not because you’ll beat her up, but it’s like a guy who feels an attractive woman is out of his league, so if she does give him attention, he may feel so nervous that he just wants that feeling to go away.  So he avoid her.  You can have that affect on some women.  Word of advice… this one is tricky because there’s a very thin line between avoiding someone because you make them nervous, and avoiding someone because they don’t want to have anything to do with you.

These signs are not easy to pick up on, but being that you know the signs aren’t always clear, you only have one thing to do…


If you ask her on a date, even though she may be frustrated with you for whatever reason.  You may hear her say, “About time!”  She may have been frustrated because she’s been waiting for you to ask her out.

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