How To Tell If Your Girl Is Attracted To Your Friend

There’s something no man wants to imagine and that’s his girlfriend with another man.  What’s even worse is if that man happens to be a close friend.  Some men ignore the signs until it’s too late.  Women do things when they like a guy that may go under the radar with certain men.  If you establish your relationship in a way where you can actually notice a change in attitude with your girl, you will be able to spot things almost immediately.  If you allow your girlfriend to talk to you any old way, you may think what she is doing is just her being her.  In this post, we are going to go into a few signs women give off that they may be attracted to your friend.

She’s Too Playful And Touchy-Feely With Your Friend

Women do little thing to men when they like them.  One of the things they do is touch.  If a woman is not attracted to a guy, she wants to touch him as little as possible.  If your friend has been working out, and your girl tells him to make a muscle and start touching his muscle, she may try to play it off and tell you to feel his muscle, but this is her excuse for her to touch your friend.  If she wants to play fight with him all the time, this is her excuse to rub up against him or grab him.  If your girlfriend is being too friendly with your friends, let her know that you don’t approve of that type of behavior.

She Makes Him A Plate Before She Makes You A Plate Of Food

This one may sound strange to certain men, but for the men who has had experience with women, they understand the importance of serving food to a man.  If your girlfriend serves your friend a plate before she serves you, this is a sign that she is attracted to your friend.  A woman serving food to a man as a guest is one thing, but if she serves your friend food first and then she serves you, she is showing your friend that she is being submissive to him.  A women should always makes sure that her man’s plate is served before anyone else’s plate is served.  This let’s everyone know that her man is priority.  If she serves your friend first, habitually, in a round about way, she’s saying that your friend is priority over you.

She Gets “Dolled Up” When She Knows Your Friend Is Coming Over

Whenever your friend comes over, she wants to look good and smell good, even if she’s just lounging around the house.  This also includes her wearing little skimpy outfits around him.  When it comes to your girlfriend, she needs to put on some clothes to cover herself up when she knows that men will be over.  Why?  Because your friends will check her out.  It’s not their fault, it’s just in their view.  Men are wired to looking at attractive women wearing little skimpy outfits.  So if your girl is strutting around the house in a tee-shirt and panties, she needs to cover up when men come over.  This is not being controlling, it’s about the men respecting her and your relationship with her.

She Shows Out In Front Of Your Friend

If you ask your girlfriend for a favor she may do it with no problem.  If your friend is around, you may ask her for a favor, she may tell you to do it yourself or act really sassy with you.  This is her way of saying that she’s not down for you.  If your friend ask for a favor, and she does him the favor, you need to correct her behavior immediately.  This can be in private so she won’t feel the need to battle with you.  If she’s still trying to show out, you may need to dump her.  Why?  A woman who is willing to disrespect you in front of other people is showing signs that the relationship can be infiltrated by other men.  When any man sees an opening, they will try to get with her.  If you don’t correct the problem immediately, you may open yourself up for your girl to cheat on you.  Your woman should show you the utmost respect.  In private and in public.  If she doesn’t, either correct the problem or leave her.

Some men feel that they’ll never find another woman quite like the one they have.  If you are afraid to check your woman for being a little too friendly with your friends, you are kinda giving her the green light to take things even further.  She may play fight with him today and tomorrow he may smack her on the butt.  Not only should you speak to your girl, let your friend know that him playing around with your girl is not cool.  If he’s a good friend, he should understand.  If he doesn’t respect your relationship, he may not be your friend.

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