If You’re Afraid To Fail, You’ll Find It Hard To Succeed

Failure Is Success’s Annoying Sibling

Failing is a very frustrating thing. Everyone wants to win, but no one really wants to lose. We all want to get what we strive for or strive to become. After reading this post, you may actually welcome failure into your life a lot more.

Think of a person who works out. The best part about the work out is when you can’t do another rep. Your muscles fail, adapt, and get stronger. Failure has a tendency to make people stronger. There’s a process that happens when people set out to do something that is very challenging.

  1. Effort. You take on the challenge and you give it a try.
  2. Mistake. You don’t get the result you want. So you try, and try, and try.
  3. Frustration. There comes a point where you are getting angry because you feel like nothing is working for you.
  4. Adaption. You break things down, try a new approach, you start analyzing things without getting worked up.
  5. Success. You finally got the results you want. Now your goal is to create consistency in your success. Consistent success leads to a higher level of confidence.

Learn How To Appreciate The Moments When Things Go Wrong

You may think it’s crazy to embrace failure, but if you learn from that moment, you can change you life.

Let’s say you’re a writer. You write a really good story on your computer. You proofread it and are happy with the results. You get a power outage and your computer shuts off. You forgot to save your work! All that hard work for nothing. By this happening, you have to start all over. As you’re writing, you come up with better ideas and you get momentum again. If the first story was good, this story is a masterpiece. Being that something went wrong, your story went from good to having the potential to be a best-seller!

It sucks when we fail and no one is immune to failure, but when it does happen, you can become better than you were. By failing, we actually learn. It’s better to fail first then have lasting success than have a streak of success and one failure that takes you out the game.

“Failures” Make Really Good Teachers

Who wants to learn from a failure? The best part about learning from them is they can steer you away from the things you’re not suppose to do because they’ve made those mistakes for you already. They can teach you from many angles on why you shouldn’t do one thing. If they’ve struggled with something and finally got it, they can show you an even easier way to do something or approach something from a better angle. You can shorten your learning curve when you learn from a “failure” who finally became a success.

You’ll Appreciate Your Success A Lot More After A Long Period Of Failure

After the grueling period of failure, when you finally get a taste of success, you appreciate it so much more. When you are consistently succeeding, your confidence level increases to a level it has never reached before. A person who has lost tens of thousands of dollars at one point in their life, and now makes hundreds of thousands of dollars, will appreciate their money so much more. The best part is if they do fail again, it will seem minor compared to them failing in the beginning.

Build A Solid Foundation Of Confidence Even During Times Of Failure

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