Intermittent Fasting–Making Fat Loss Seem Effortless

Wanna hear something crazy?  All the running on the treadmill, eating celery sticks for dinner, etc. is unnecessary and could be the very thing that’s making you gain more weight.  Why?  Because when you’re hungry all the time, you tend to binge eat.  When you are doing a lot of cardio, you’re not building muscle the way you would if you did some weight training, the thing that burns fat way more effectively than cardio alone.  The technique you’re about to learn is nothing new, and as a matter of fact, people do this all over the world and have been for thousands of years.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, but more like an “eating technique”.  Instead of eating a bunch of small meals throughout the day, you have something called an eating window where you eat your meals.  Once the eating window is closed, you stop eating until a predetermined number of hours.

Here’s how the technique goes:

  • For Men, you will not be taking in any calories for 16 hours.  For women, it will be about 14 hours.
  • During your fast, if you get hungry, you can only drink water or black coffee or tea without anything added.  If you don’t like the taste of black coffee, after a while, you get use to it.
  • After 16 hours (for men, 14 hours for women) you can eat your first meal.  You have an 8-hour eating window (a 10-hour eating window if you’re a woman).  After your eating window is closed, you are no longer to consume any more calories until your next eating window the next day.

This sounds like something impossible for you to do, but sleeping hours count.  So if you haven’t eaten for four hours before you went to bed, slept for eight hours, all you need to do is wait another four hours to eat your first meal.  The trick is finding the right eating window.  Some people like eating before they leave for work, other people like eating late at night.  Play around with the eating window before you decide to stick with that specific time.

So what’s actually happening when you fast for all those hours?  Your body needs an energy source.  Being that it’s not getting any food, it has to start eating away at your fat stores.  This is what your body has been doing for thousands of years.  Eating food whenever you want is something that’s fairly new.  In ancient times, we had to hunt and gather our food in order to eat.  This may have taken days depending on how much food was available to you.  So you may have been fasting for two days, this whole time, your body is using the fat as an energy source.  When you got your first meal after all those days, you were able to eat like a king and still not gain a ton of weight in the process.

Can you still gain weight while you’re doing intermittent fasting?  Yes.  It all boils down to calories.  You have a calorie deficit, which makes you lose weight.  You have calorie maintenance, which keeps your weight from going up or down.  You have a calorie surplus, which is what packs on the pounds.  Most people eat more calories than they burn because a lot of times we eat things that don’t fill us up but have a lot of calories.  If you eat cookies, potato chips, and drink soda all day, you may be hungry, but you are going into a calorie surplus.  You may eat clean, but find it hard to gain weight.  The reason why may be because you’re eating a lot of food, but you’re still at a calorie deficit.

Here’s a great tip to eat the foods you love (even junk food) and still lose body fat.  Count your calories and treat them like currency.  If you want to eat like a king, look for foods that are low in calories, but fill you up for hours.  You may notice that by doing this, you’ll make better food choices.  Instead of eating a whole cake to yourself, you may eat a nice big meal of meat, potatoes, veggies, etc, and have a small slice of cake as a treat.

The best part about intermittent fasting is the weight you lose, it’s mostly fat.  The reason why is because for most of the day, your body habitually gets it’s energy source from it’s fat stores. If you suffer from diabetes or some kind of blood sugar issues, consult your doctor to see if Intermittent Fasting is right for you.  The best part about this way of eating is you look at food a lot different.  You have more control over your eating.  After a while, you start to look for healthier alternatives.  You may rather eat a meal that fills you up for hours than reach for that bag of cookies that may only fill you up for a few minutes.  When you go out to eat, it’s hard to track your calories.  So you may think you have eaten at a surplus, but in actuality, you may have just ate at maintenance.

There’s a YouTube channel that has some great tips on Intermittent Fasting and how to build muscle while staying as lean as possible.  The name of the channel is called Kinobody and it goes into greater detail than this blog post.

When you have a great body that can burn fat effortlessly, you will notice that every workout starts to feel like it counts.  Your confidence is boosted every time you take your shirt off and look in the mirror.

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