Let People Find Their Own Path

It may be hard because you see this person is heading nowhere.  It may hurt to see the person in so much pain but not doing anything about it.  You know the person is only going backwards, but you have to let people find their own path.

When people are heading down the wrong path, sometimes the pain may not be strong enough for them to make changes.  As a friend or family member, all you can really do is try to convince them that there is a better way.  That if they keep going down that path, they’ll end up hurting themselves in the long run.  If they don’t want your help or anyone else’s, then all you can really do is wait for them to come to you or reach out to other people for help.

When they do reach out for help, you have to ease them into the new path.  One step at a time.  If the person is obese, they have to give up eating the way they are little by little and start working out.  If they have an addiction, don’t make them go cold turkey.  This may only make the addiction stronger.  They must ween themselves off of the addiction so it can be a life long end to the addiction.

Your path is not always the right path so don’t force them to follow your methods because your methods may be to strict for them.  Your methods may even be too slow for them in some cases.  Some people want to see quicker progress in order to stay motivated.  You must remember that it’s their life journey, not yours.

In order for them to change their life for the better, they’ll need a solid foundation of real confidence.  If you have a colleague or loved one who wants to change their life, share this post with them and have them…

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