Making Money Doesn’t Require Your Blood Sweat And Tears

When most of us think of making money, we usually think of us doing our daily “9-5 grind”.  If you notice the owner of the company you work for is not working side-by-side with you.  They may come to the job, but just to check up on things.  If you want to make some serious money, you need to be familiar with a new (but very old) concept… passive income.

When you create something once or build something that requires some of your time initially, you are doing so that in the future, the thing you have created will generate money for you without your blood, sweat and tears.

So you may create a website where you’re selling products.  In the baby stages, you may need to try to generate the traffic yourself.  Then one day you may have people coming to your site because they heard from a friend who bought something that they liked.  At one time, YouTube was not the mega-giant it is now.  You may have heard from YouTube through a friend, and referred a friend.  Now it is the #1 video site on the web.

You may want to use some of your money you either borrowed, raised, or saved to build your business.  You may want to hire people so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting at all.  All you are doing is hiring the people to run it for you, and they hire the people who will be doing all the “heavy lifting” for you.  This doesn’t make you lazy, it makes you smart.  You want to make money and enjoy your time.  Why not spend your time looking for more ways to make money on a grander scale, where it requires little to no work on your behalf?

The idea of making money other than a job takes a lot of risk.  By having that solid foundation of real confidence, you start to condition yourself that this is what you aim to do one day in your life.   Click the link below to start building this solid foundation.

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