Mind Your Business–The Mindset Of The High Achiever

Focusing On Other People’s Problems Leaves A Lot Of Your Problems Unsolved

Whether it’s personal, business, societal, etc. focusing on other people’s problems always leaves your problems unsolved.  If you’re one of those people who feel you need to fight for others instead of fighting for yourself you are being distracted.  Why are you distracting yourself from your own problems?  Did you know that if you focused on your own problems then there would be one less problem in the world?  If you look at it from a group perspective, if that group focused on their own problems, and looked for the solution within themselves, that would solve a bigger problem in the world.

If The Economy Is Bad, You Can Still Become Wealthy

By minding your own business, you could make a lot of money during a financial crisis.  Everyone thinks of a financial crisis as a reason to stay broke.  For every problem, there’s a solution at the other end.  When people are presented with a problem, they focus on this problem, not trying to look for the solution on the other side of this problem.  For example, if the stock market crashed, and all the stock prices dropped, this is the perfect time to buy.  When the market comes back around, you can make dollars on the pennies.

What Most High Achievers Do

High achievers focus on solving their problems first.  This can be on an individual level or a group level.  Once their problem(s) are solved, they help others solve their problem.  It’s like being homeless.  Once you solve that problem and get yourself a house, if someone needs a place to stay, you can provide them with a place to stay.  Always help people from a position of power.  If you have no power, the problem takes longer to solve.  Don’t feel bad if you can’t help people when you need to help yourself first.  When you’re good, you can be of better service to others.

Start Minding Your Business

The first step to being a high achiever is building the confidence to keep pushing forward.  Your confidence needs a strong foundation to stand on.  Click the link below to learn how.

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