Overnight Success Takes A Lot Of Time And Patience

Have you ever watched a Kevin Hart comedy special or movie?  He has the ability to put butts in seats and sell out shows and get roles that end up making the movie a box office hit.  Most people don’t know this but Kevin Hart has been out for years.  If you look at his IMDB page, it shows the first thing he’s played in was back in 2001.  His fame took off to astronomical status only recently.  He started selling out shows, started playing in a ton of movies where he was one of the main characters.  When you went to see a movie he played in, you went to see him.  Kevin Hart was not an overnight success by a long shot, but he worked to the point where he became successful and that success has become rock star status.

Many of us expect to succeed in a very short period of time.  If something requires years or even decades to master, we expect to do it within a couple of months.  If it’s something that’s fairly new, you need to learn the thing you’re trying to do, this could take months or even years.  During this time, you are failing the most.  Then you’ll get a few successes here and there.  This could be for a few years.  You may start seeing consistent success after 5-10 years.  Just because someone seem like they came out of nowhere, if you look at the person’s history, they may have been perfecting their craft over a period of 16 years!

The problem with people who actually get lucky and succeed right away they end up getting depressed and sometimes even suicidal if they lose that success.  Some people just fade away.  Look at all the one-hit wonders who had a hit song and you no longer hear them make anymore music.

Longevity comes when you put in the work.  You learn the lessons early on in life.  When you finally get your first taste of success, you tend to see more success come your way until you are selling out shows and getting all types of movie roles that weren’t there for you many years ago.

Success can take years to come.  A solid foundation of confidence is needed in order to keep going during those times of struggle and also to keep you on your winning streak.  Click the link below to learn how to get this solid foundation of confidence.

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