Seeing The Infinite Possibilities And Opportunities

Whenever there’s tragedy, on the opposite side there’s a way you can benefit from it.  Sometimes you may have a death in the family, but that person was wealthy and they have left you an inheritance.  You may have gotten shot or stabbed, but once you go to the hospital, you found out that you have small tumor that they can get rid before it grows and gets worse.  You may have had your wife or girlfriend cheat on you,  this gives you a chance to find someone better or get a divorce and find someone better.  You may have lost millions in your company, but this gave you insight on what mistakes not to make, which allows you to make tens or hundreds of millions of dollars down the line.  As you can see, tragedy is something that happens too all of us, and we don’t want it to happen, but there is usually something that can benefit us somewhere down the line.  Once the grieving process is over, you have an opportunity to move on and pick up the pieces. You sometimes end up stronger than before the tragedy happened.

There are times when there are natural disasters and people need relief or they need to rebuild.  This is an entrepreneurial  opportunity.  If you own a construction company or planning to start a construction business, you can start getting opportunities for more contracts.  If you’re a real estate investor, you can buy the land, rebuild, and sell or rent out the property once everything is said and done.  This sounds like something evil and opportunistic, but there are people doing this, making millions, and are getting praise and accolades, and even extra funding in the process.  As long as you’re doing it for a good cause (good and evil is about perspective, so don’t get too caught up on how everyone views you) you should be able to do more helping than harming.

Not all opportunities are part of a tragedy.  You may have a nice house you just bought, and it needs a tenant.  You may see a trend that is about to take off and you get in on it before everyone else does, which allows you to make millions of dollars.  Sometimes you may have been trying to do one thing and failed, but by failing, you actually accomplished something else.  Viagra was initially meant for heart patience, but one of the side effects were penis erections.  This turned into a billion-dollar industry that allow older men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, to start a more active sex life again.  You go places where there are tons of attractive women.  You may try to get dates and get rejected, but by getting rejected by hotter women, it gives you the confidence to talk to women, which makes you more attractive to women.

Look around you.  What do you see?  Do you see obstacles and adversity or limitless opportunities that just have an obstacle you need to get over?  It may not be easy but when you think like this, you’ll notice that you’ll start to have a higher success rate in a lot of things you set out to do.  All it takes is a solid foundation of real confidence to help you thinking on a higher scale.

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