Sometimes The Most Beautiful And Most Talented Have Low Self-Esteem

Listen, just because someone is very talented or very attractive doesn’t mean they have the most confidence.  Why?  Well in order to understand that, you have to look into how the person looks at themselves.  The talent that they have may be something that they don’t appreciate.  You could have a person with a really nice singing voice, won all types of awards, and still unhappy because they haven’t reached their goal of being a great singer.  To them, they think everyone is being nice and it’s only a matter of time before they fade away and end up being “washed up”.

Sometimes you don’t appreciate something because it’s too easy.  When you dumbbell curl a 10lb weight, you don’t feel strong and powerful because it’s too easy.  Even a 6-year old can lift that much weight.  So if someone comes up to you and tells you you’re strong because you can lift that little bit of weight, you won’t appreciate it that much.  Sometimes famous people have so much talent that they don’t value it anymore.  Yes, the fans love them for what they do, but if it gets too easy, they end up trying to do things in their career that challenges them, which can also destroy their career.  If you’re an action movie star, and you want to start doing more dramatic roles, you may not know how to transition from one movie genre to the next properly, and you’ll feel like no one takes you seriously as an actor.  Your action movie career can suffer because you find no joy in it anymore.  Your base audience doesn’t like the path you are taking, you can’t build a new audience in the new movie genre, and you can’t get anymore acting gigs.

Being beautiful has it’s downside.  If you are a very young woman who can get any man she wants to buy her whatever she wants, you’re gonna have a rude awakening when you starts aging.  This is a big reason why you’ll see older women get exaggerated lip injections and boob jobs.  If their looks fade, they feel like they’re worthless.  If you’re a man and you’ve been known to have a head full of great hair, the moment you start losing your hair, you feel like your sex appeal is out the window.  This is when you’ll see older men start doing things like get hair plugs that may look more ridiculous than just shaving off all their hair.  The problem with relying on your good looks is, when they’re gone, so is your self-esteem and confidence level.

The people with the highest self-esteem are the people who focus within.  You have men going bald, with very little money, pulling women much younger than them because they don’t focus on their looks… they focus on their personality.  They accept the fact that they are not the youngest or the best-looking, but they know how to make women feel sexy and know how to make them laugh.  Older women rely on their sexual abilities to keep younger men around.  If she is willing to do what the hotter, younger women won’t do (because some younger women don’t feel the need to), the men start becoming more and more attracted to her.  If you have an older woman cooking, cleaning, and doing sexual acts that a lot of younger women shy away from, she may get picked over the pretty young thing.

A solid foundation of real confidence doesn’t come from your looks or your skills.  It comes from being the person you want to be.  You’ll be okay with being an average joe who can’t sing, act, and not the hottest thing in the room.  You rely on something much more that can’t be taken away.  Wanna learn how to get this solid foundation?

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