Success Is The By-Product Of Good Habits

If you want to succeed, you have to start picking up good habits.  People who have some of the best bodies in the world have a habit of eating right and working out.  You can’t just hope and pray that you’ll have six-pack abs, you have to learn how to stay fit and eat right so they can start showing.  Not just watching workout videos and watching what they eat, you have to do the things that need to be done.

The problem people have when it comes to gaining success in whatever they try to do is they try to succeed too early.  Enjoy the process.  If you give yourself a year to start these “success habits” you’ll start seeing the results you want to see.  If you can’t find the time to workout, try waking up earlier so you can workout before you go to work or school.  You don’t even have to kill yourself trying to get a good workout in.  The first few months should be the easiest.  Give yourself a chance to get use to getting into workout mode.  Don’t try too lift heavy, just get into the habit of creating a time slot for your workouts.  Do this for a few weeks or months then try to go for a person record of how much weight you can lift or how far you can stretch.  After one solid year of working out only three days a week, you’ll see a big difference.

What if you’re shy and you no longer want to be shy?  Once again, start picking up those success habits.  Don’t try to hold hour long conversations with people.  Instead, just say hello to a bunch of strangers… that’s it.  Don’t try to wow them, just say hello and keep it movin’.  After you get use to doing this, start having little small 1-2 minute chats.  Ask them for recommendations, tell them you like something they’re wearing and ask where did they get it from, etc.  After doing this for a course of time, you’ll wonder why you were so shy in the first place.

If you take baby steps and progress over time, you’ll notice how procrastination doesn’t really affect you anymore.  For a brief moment you’ll say you don’t want to do something, but when you go through the motions, you will start to get into it and want to keep going.  It’s like going to work.  A lot of people say they don’t want to go to work, the whole time, they’re leaving the house heading for work.  Once you’re at your job, you’re working all the way up to the end of your shift.

The next time you say you want to be successful at something, start forming habits to get you there.  Don’t just wish to be successful, enjoy the habits you form to get you there.  Once you see the progress, you’re gonna feel motivated to keep going.  If you start to plateau in your efforts, you’ll start looking for ways to push past the plateau or you can start moving on the next level of things.

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