Taking On New, Scarier Challenges

Are you ready to take on new challenges?  Are you ready to take your life to another level?  Does the idea of this frighten you?  If so… good.  Why?  Because it takes you out of your comfort zone of mediocrity and puts you on shaky ground.  In order to walk, didn’t you fall a bunch of times?  But when you’re a baby, the idea of giving up never entered your mind.  It’s time to be a baby again.  It’s time to make a bunch of mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and have mastery over what you do… even if you fear it in the beginning.

Here’s what happens when you start taking on scarier challenges.  You actually find out that they’re not that scary once you start doing it.  If you want to start dating, you have to go out and meet women.  That first approach is what scares a lot of men.  Once you make the approach, sometimes you get surprised how easy it can be talking to women.  The actual part of rejection is not even that scary.  When women reject you, more than likely, they let you down easy.  No one is laughing at you and pointing at you, talking about how pathetic you are.  In fact, women don’t want to hurt your feelings so they’ll let you down easy.

“I have a boyfriend”

“I’m not ready to date at this point in my life”

She may give you her number and not respond or she may give you the wrong number.  It’s very rare for women to humiliate you in front of a crowd when you try to talk to them.  A lot of times they would rather lie than hurt your feelings.  The beauty about this is the more you start taking more action, you learn something each time.  You may get rejected 100 times in a week, but after a while, rejection is just feedback.  You don’t take it to heart and sometimes rejection is a blessing in disguise.

Your scary challenge may be losing 50lbs over the year.  Being that you are inconsistent with your workout routine and eating properly, it scares you to hold yourself accountable.  The solution to this is to do it slowly.  It’s better to lose a few pounds a month consistently than try to lose 30 lbs in 30 days and and gain it all back.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to allow your mind to be ready for a new change.  You may get tired of not getting the results you want and the only thing that matters is getting to that goal and staying there or making bigger achievements.  The comfort zone gets boring and you know that feeling of wanting to quit only lasts for a few seconds.  Once you start taking action, you end up getting that momentum and keep going.  Each day, that feeling of quitting starts to dwindle and your new habit becomes ingrained, like waking up in the morning or brushing your teeth.

It’s time to start taking on bigger scarier challenges, but first, you’re going to need that solid foundation of real confidence.  Wanna learn how?

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