The Biggest Champions Fail The Most

You Fail Thousands Of Times In Practice To Win One Championship

The biggest champions take the most shots.  Some they hit, some they miss.  If you’re a person who fears losing, you have to lose more.  The best time to lose is when it doesn’t count.  Athletes runs drills and play practice games in order to improve their skills.  Professional fighters practice combinations and spar.  They do all this to get ready for their big game or big fight.  You may not be an athlete or fighter, but this doesn’t mean you can’t apply this mentality to your life.  The more you do, and do properly, the better you become.

The More You Go For What You Want, The More Likely You’ll Get What You Want

If you like women who look a certain way, but you settle for women who you’re not even remotely attracted to, you start to get depressed because you are not getting what you want out of life.  Getting rejected by the girls you’re attracted to sucks, but if you settle for women you’re not attracted to, after a while you start to have regrets.  This doesn’t mean you have to be too picky, but you still want to get what you really want.  Settling for less will make your confidence sink lower and lower with every passing moment you’re in a place or with someone you don’t want to be in or with.

What Happens When You Start Going For What You Want Even If You Fail

In most cases, when people fail too many times, they give up.  This is why more start up businesses fail than actually succeed and last for hundreds of years.  Failure is not fun if it keeps happening over and over again, but something magical happens after a while… you get a taste of your first victory.  When this happens, you want to recreate that moment so you keep pushing on.  Then after a while you get a victory or two here and there.  You keep going.  Then you finally get your mojo.  You start building momentum.  This motivates you to keep going.  After a while getting what you want becomes easy.  Then you go on to the “bigger fish”.  When you go on to bigger fish, even if you are not very successful, the small victories you do get will be major.

Becoming A Champion Requires A Solid Foundation Of Confidence

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