The Importance Of Having Fun With Women

One of the most important things in a relationship is the fun factor.  When it comes to a man-woman relationship, it’s different than a  woman having fun with her female friends.  You don’t want to be “one of the girls” because she won’t treat you like a guy she would like to date.  One of the most important things to have in a relationship is sexual chemistry.  Without it, you will be shoved in the dreaded friend zone.  So no matter how much fun you have, it will be like her having a good ole’ time with a good friend.  When you have fun with women you’re interested in, it should start out with a hint of sexual chemistry that just keeps growing and growing.

There are men who like specific women and don’t want to “mess up the relationship” so they don’t really get playful with the women.  They don’t let out their silly side.  They act very stiff and it’s like they’re walking on egg shells when it comes to interacting with these women.  Women are attracted to men who they can have fun with.  A man who’s not afraid to pick her up and throw her in the pool.  A guy who’s not afraid to grab her by the waist on the dance floor and dance real close to her.  A guy who can be creative for where to go on a date.  You don’t need to always roll out the read carpet for women you like, all you need to do is show them a good time.

Spontaneity is very attractive as well.  When a woman is not having fun or bored out of her mind, a man who can come up with something fun to do out of nowhere is something that turns women on.  For example, if you are going to pick your girlfriend up from work and surprise her with a road trip to a Bed & Breakfast in another part of town, this is a moment she may always remember.  When you get out of work, something you may not really have anything fun to do, but just sit and relax and watch some TV.  If you surprise your girl with something fun the both of you can do together, she will have one of the best times she’s had in years.

You may not know anything fun you can do with women.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • While she’s cleaning or doing homework, tell her take a break and put on some music and dance with her.
  • Have a snowball or water fight
  • Have a little prank war with one another
  • Do little challenges you see on the Internet with one another  or a group of friends
  • Cook together
  • Watch a boring movie together and make fun of how crappy the movie is
  • Wrestle together
  • Play tag in the park like the both of you are kids again
  • Make a list of fun things to do with each other and try to do everything on that list over the course of time
  • Have sex all day and delay your orgasm as long as possible

Having sex is not the only fun activity you can do with women.  As a matter of fact, the more fun things you can do outside the bedroom is what brings the both of you together.  This is one of the reasons why a couple can be married for decades.  They enjoy each other’s company outside the bedroom.   When you’re the kind of guy women can have fun with, they’ll agree to go on a date with you a lot more than if you’re walking on eggshells because you’re being too cautious on not trying to ruin the relationship the both of you are not really having.  The most fun guys are the ones who take chances and go for what they want.  This is the thing that makes them fun in the first place.

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