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What This eBook Has To Offer

With each passing year, women get disappointed by the caliber of options of men available in the dating pool. You have more guys in this day in age trying to look "prettier" than the girl they're dating. There's nothing wrong with trying to look attractive for women, but some men are doing the things women do in order to attract women. These could be straight men, but they rely on their looks more than their masculinity to get women. It's time to start attracting women the way men have been doing it since the beginning of human history. It's time to let your masculinity and confidence attract these women.

Have you ever notice that hot women gravitate towards men with muscles, facial hair, and assertiveness? There's something in women that likes the masculinity in men. Just like there's something in men that likes femininity in women. This is why we are attracted to high heels, a wide hips, and perky T&A. These are things that attract men because it's highly feminine. The problem is society has made it seem wrong for men to be men. You check a woman a certain way and you're considered a bad person. I'm not even talking about hitting or verbally abusing a woman either. Don't let this sway you from being more masculine. This is a test of a man's masculinity, which a lot of men have failed. Yes, women are attracted to pretty boys, but there's something deep down inside of her that craves masculine confidence. A man who can be a man unapologetically. I'm not talking about grunting and slapping ass. I'm talking about the things mentioned in this eBook that will have you guiding your life the way the men have when society allowed men to be men and women to be women.

The Masculine Confident Man is a triple threat. You learn how to embrace your masculinity the same way the warriors and builders of countries have since early human civilization. You learn how to have an unbreakable confidence in yourself that even in defeat, you feel that much closer to victory. And you learn what it is that makes a man. All in one eBook. These are lessons every guy should learn before he leaves the nest and becomes a man himself. The world is doesn't give men a fair shake. When you start directing your life in a masculine, confident way, the momentum will start shifting back in your favor.


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