The Misconception Of Money

Oh, you thought that money was real?  Unfortunately, it is not.  Money is an idea.  Money is only real because we all agreed that these papers and coins are the value they have on them.  A check is just a piece of paper with numbers written on it.  You give it to a bank, they’ll deposit that money into your bank account.  You go to a store, pull out your debit card, and as long as your purchase doesn’t exceed the amount in your bank account, you can get what you want.  You do realize that most of the transactions we do, we don’t physically handle the actual dollar bills and coins in our accounts.  Instead, we trust the system that pays us and that holds our money.  Money is not real.  The system that we use holds it all together.

Money Is A Game, Not A Matter Of Life Or Death

The poor work hard for a paycheck.  The rich play the money game and see how many assets they can buy that will pay them on a consistent basis.  So if the poor person loses their job, they struggle until they find another job.  The rich on the other hand, if they lose an asset, they have other things that are paying them so all they have to do is buy another asset that replaces the other one they lost.

Let’s say that John worked at a job for 20 years.  Darryl has been buying assets that pay him a consistent monthly income over a course of 3 years.  John makes a net income of $7,500 a month.  Darryl has 5 rental properties that pay him $1,000 each (a net income of $5,000 a month in total).  Let’s say that John loses his job due to company downsizing.  Let’s say that one of Darryl’s properties burned down.  John is making $0 a month.  Darryl is still making $4,000 a month.  Darryl could buy another rental property to replace that income he has lost.  John, on the other hand, may be looking for a job over a course of two weeks or two months.  During that job search, he is not making any money (unless he gets unemployment), and he is also losing money.

The poor don’t look at money as a game… it’s a matter of life or death.  The rich look at money as a game.  They keep score of how many assets they can buy.  After taxes, they see how much money they can keep.  They see how many tax loopholes they can use for bonus points.

Money Is A Means Not The Destination

If you want to be rich, use the money you make to get there.  Invest it to make you more money and take yourself out of the equation as the one that makes the money.  In other words, your money will be working to make that money for you.  Your money can work all year around non-stop, but you can work but so many hours in a day before you get burned out.

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