The Psychology Behind Women–Why Approaching Women Is Not So Scary

You may not know this but women want to meet and attract men just like men want to meet and attract women.  The only thing is women go about it a little different.  Before we start, here’s a disclaimer:

The information in this post is based off of opinion and self-observation.  This is not based off of any psychological studies or data.

Women love the idea of meeting men and going home with them, the only thing is society frowns upon women sleeping with more than one guy, but society encourages the idea of men sleeping with multiple women. This is the double standard. Women want to sleep with men just as bad as men want to sleep with women.  Women don’t go out and approach men, instead, they position themselves in such a way that men want to approach them.  Don’t believe the women who get angry because men constantly approach them.  The problem is the men they’re not attracted to approach them on a regular basis.  If these women stopped getting approached the way they do, they would try to do something to get that attention back.

Women use clothing, makeup, hairstyles, etc to attract men in a way that the men go up and talk to them.  If a guy they like is not approaching them, they’ll try to encourage the guy to approach them.  The woman may talk a little louder and try to be more “girlie” around the man as a way to increase his chances of approaching her.  She may brush by him, giving him more body contact than she really needs to.  She may hold eye contact a little longer.  She may smile at him whenever she sees him.  There are some occasions where women actually approach the men.

Women are shy when it comes to approaching men, Why?  Because, just like men, women are afraid of rejection.  Maybe even more so than men.  Why?  Imagine spending hours in the mirror doing your hair and makeup, putting on clothes you feel hugs your body the right way, once you do your finally inspection in the mirror, making sure everything is looking good, you go out meet a guy and he rejects you.  Was it all for nothing?  Men are usually taught that it’s a number’s game and the more you approach, the higher the chances of you finding a girl who likes you back, but women, on the other hand, already have their insecurities.  Getting rejected may make it worse.  It seems like the hotter the woman is, the more insecurities she has.  On an average day, an average-looking woman may get approached by at least one guy a day.  It may be subtle or it may be direct, but they do get approached on a regular basis.  The average-looking guy does not get approached on a regular basis.  As a matter of fact, if a woman does approach him, that’s a story he will definitely go back and tell his friends.  The more attractive the woman is, the more dramatic the story becomes:

I was out minding my business and this fine-ass woman comes and approaches me, asking for help, but the whole time was smiling and flirting with me.  Man, you should have seen the body on this girl… I was shocked!

One of the only times women feel they are allowed to be more “loose” is during vacation.  If they go on a cruise with their friends, the idea of the trip may be to hook up with a random guy.  Some women are single, some are not, but the goal is to find a guy, talk to him a little bit, and go back to his cabin.  When they go back home, the “slut” stigma is not there because women make their sexual experiences more poetic.  She could have been sleeping with more than one guy that night, and she will find a way to make the whole experience sound like it came out of a novel or a Shakespeare play.

It was magical, the men I was with were so gentle and it was like they knew my body better than I did.  They were strong without being to aggressive.  I felt safe and secure in their arms.”  (This may be a woman talking about a bunch of men “running the train” on her, but women usually don’t share these stories)

So, how do you fit into all this?  Well, the more you understand how women think when it comes to meeting guys, the easier it is for you to make your approach.  If a woman is giving you certain signs or doing certain things, it’s a little more easier to approach.  If a woman is on vacation, this is an opportunity for her to be more relaxed and may be more likely to go back to your cabin or room without feeling like she needs to give you the unnecessary resistance she may give you when she’s going about her normal day.

Even if a woman is giving you signs and indications she’s attracted to you, if she says no, for any reason, never force yourself upon her.  There’s a thin line between being assertive, trying to convince her to sleep with you, and being overly aggressive, which can become a sex crime.  In this day and age, you must be very careful because that one night where the both of you drinking and having a good time, turns into “I was drunk and blacked out, so he took advantage of me”.  There are a lot of celebrities who have women they’ve slept with decades ago come out the woodwork, trying to say the male celebrity took advantage of her.

Approaching women is not that scary, but with a solid foundation of confidence, not only will it be less scary, but it may even be more fun.  Wanna know how to get this level of confidence?

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