This Is Why Women Want Men To Approach Them

There’s a big misconception that women don’t want to be approached by men.  It’s not that women don’t want to be approached by men, they just want to be approached by the right man.  If a woman is single and she wants to find a good man, she doesn’t want just any Johnny-come-lately approaching her.  She wants a man who she can feel good to call her boyfriend or husband.  Being that women don’t approach men aggressively the way men do, women want the right man to come along and approach them.

You have to ask yourself if you’re a good man.  You may not be at a stage in your life to be in a serious relationship, but this doesn’t mean women still don’t want good men to approach them for “recreational purposes”.  If she’s with a man who’s going to treat her right and be honest with her about his intent, she’ll feel good about doing stuff with him compared to a man who lies that he wants to be in a relationship with her just to get her in bed.  Men who are honest about wanting to get her in bed are usually the ones who bed more women without the backlash and scorn from women who have been lied to by men they’ve trusted.

If it’s getting a girlfriend or having a one-night stand, women want to be approached by the right man.  You don’t have to look like a male model in order for women to want you to approach them.  Hell, there are a lot of average-looking men with women who look like they model for lingerie catalogs.  Don’t be afraid to approach the hottest women.  It’s usually these women who may have trouble getting approached by good men because they either don’t get approached by men because they’re intimidated by her beauty or she attracts men who give off a creepy vibe.

If you’re afraid to approach the type of women you really want, it may be because you have a weak confidence foundation.  It’s time to solidify your confidence foundation.  Wanna learn how?

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