What Would Happen If You Did Something Consistently For One Year?

When people workout or want to learn a new language, they focus too much on time frames.

“I’m want to lose 100 pounds in 3 months”

“I want to become fluent in Swahili in 6 months”

Let’s get something straight, in order to master anything, it takes time.  This is not about instant success, but it’s about habitual progress.  So if you were to learn 1-3 common words and phrases in a foreign language everyday for one year, you would have approximately 400-1000 words in your vocabulary in one year.  Remember that these are common words so you could communicate with someone on a very basic level.  Your progress will be a night and day difference from the time you started to the end of the year.  You may not understand everything, but you may be able to communicate your thoughts more effectively than getting frustrated and think people should learn your language instead of you learning theirs.

What about weight loss?  Well, the hard part to working out is being consistent.  It takes time to consistently eat to get fat and stay fat, so it will take time to consistently eat right and exercise to lose fat and keep the fat off.  So your best bet is not to focus on losing 100lbs in 3 months, but to eat at a calorie deficit and work on building muscle.  In one year, you may gain about 10lbs of muscle (so don’t hate the numbers you see on the scale), and may lose about 30lbs of fat.  You may notice that working out is not that hard and you are able to do it like clockwork.

So what happens over a one year period if you do something consistently?  You’ll exceed your expectations.  You may not lose 100lbs in 90 days, but you lose 30lbs of fat and gain 10lbs of muscle in one year, making you look more closer to your goal with much more ease.  You’ll be able to maintain that look because it’s a habit.   So instead of lose 100lbs in 90 days and gain it back within 6 months, you are able to lose 30lbs of fat in one year and keep it off for good.  So you may look like you lost 100lbs, but it was only 30.  Instead of trying to become fluent in a foreign language in 6 months and possibly forget a lot of words by the end of the year, you habitually learned little by little and noticed that the words you are learning keep popping up in things you are reading or watching in that foreign language and those words and phrases you learned over that year is just the right amount to enjoy your favorite movies translated in a foreign language.  Anytime you come across an unfamiliar word or phase, you simply look it up, just like you would in your native language.  In the beginning when you heard that foreign language being spoken, it sounded like rapid fire.  Now the language starts to slow down.  In the beginning you had to translate in your mind to understand what the person said.  Now you can even think in the foreign language.  It’s like an extension of your own language.

If you look at the biggest challenges ahead of you, don’t always put a time frame on it.  Yes, it feels good to lose weight over a short period of time, but it feels even better lose a little weight over a longer period of time and keeping it off for good.

Don’t let big challenges scare you.  Learn how to build a solid foundation of real confidence so you’ll start seeing the results you want through consistency and habitual progress.

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