Why It May Be Easier To Get With Beautiful Women Than You Thought

A lot of men get really nervous when it comes to meeting beautiful women.  They stutter, they start sweating, they even avoid them sometimes.  In a lot of men’s minds, they think beautiful women are to be worshiped.  They put them on some kind of pedestal, making them more than what they are.  So if you worship a person, when it comes time to meet them, you’re going to feel like you’re meeting a deity or some type of goddess.  It’s not that serious!  As a matter of fact, there are a lot of beautiful women who are down to earth.  Here’s why:

Back in the day when these women were little girls, they weren’t thinking about dating.  They may have played with dolls or they may have played in the mud.  They were children and that’s what children do.  Then when they got a little older some of them discovered video games and comic books, other girls found out about makeup.  Here’s where things get interesting.  The girls who read comic books and played video games and did stuff that guys do weren’t really getting noticed by the guys.  Why?  Because the boys were focusing on the girls with makeup, not their friend who is playing in the dirt with them.  These girls had sisters and friends who gave them a make over.  Now the girl who is doing the stuff that guys do is getting attention from the boys.  She is wearing makeup, she is wearing skimpy outfits, and later on, she is doing stuff that a lot of the girlie girls do.  She will indulge in video games and actions movies, but she doesn’t really lead with that.  When she was a little girl, she use to dress up like comic book characters and anime characters and it was cute.  Now, as a woman, she may like to dress up like comic book characters and anime characters and it’s sexy.

Imagine meeting a woman who looks like she is a playmate of the year or on the cover of a men’s magazine, but she loves to play video games for hours in nothing but a tee-shirt and panties.  What about if she likes comic books so much that she goes to Comic Con and dresses up like some comic book or video game character and looks sexy as ever.  What about if she looks like a dime and loves to wear skirts and dresses, but on the weekends she likes to play sports with some of her male relatives.

What would be your perception of her then?  Would you worship her or would you want to join in on some of your favorite activities with her?  Men think just because she’s hot doesn’t mean she doesn’t like doing the stuff that guys do.  Remember in the movie Transformers (the first one) when Megan Fox opened up the hood of the car and knew what was under the hood.  She knew about cars and was able to fix cars but she looked like a model that spent most of her time on magazine photo shoots.  What about Kendra Wilkinson?  She was a Playboy model, looked hot, but she was a bit of a tomboy.  She could play sports with the guys, but also look good on the cover of Playboy.

So how what does this mean for you?  While a lot of men are worshiping these beautiful women or putting them on a pedestal, you are having fun with them.  You are wrestling with them.  You are reading comic books with them.  You are playing video games with them.  Then one day, you ask one of them out on a date.  The both of you have a good time, you make her laugh, so she may agree.  While on the date, you’re not telling her how beautiful she is and how lucky you are to be with her.  Instead, the both of you are reciting movie lines from your favorite movies.  The both of you are gonna play some Madden after the date is over.  The both of you are gonna play wrestle on the couch after coming from your date from WrestleMania.  Then while you’re wrestling, who knows?  Maybe the both of you take it to the bedroom.

Stop putting beautiful women on a pedestal.  Instead, have fun with them.  Get rid of the stereotype of hot women only being good for showing off to your friends or putting on a glass display.  They’re people too, and the more you find out about this person, the more you may have in common with this person.

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