Why People Lack Confidence

A Better Understanding On What Makes People Afraid To Try

Remember when you were a kid and you were learning how to walk?  Of course you don’t, but it was during this time that you may have had supreme confidence.  You tried to walk, you fell, you got up again.  You kept doing this until you succeeded and now you have the ability to walk freely without falling.  As you got older, you started learning how to talk.  You spoke gibberish until you started forming actual sentences.  Now you have the ability to speak in clear sentences to let people know what you want and don’t want.  Something happened to you that made you more and more timid when it came to new challenges.  It seems like every passing year you find yourself shying away from the things you want because you’ve had the  confidence stripped from you.  Want to get that new promotion?  Yeah, but you’re afraid that you’ll fail and let everyone down.  Wanna talk to that girl in your class?  Yeah, but you think she’s out of your league.  I’m gonna explain how over time you lost that supreme confidence you had as a baby.


It Started When You Started Going To School

School is more than just learning your ABCs and 123s.  It’s the place you learned about true socializing.  You see, school is the first place you socialized on a larger scale.  You may have been an only child or have brothers, sisters, or cousins you played with growing up.  In school, you had to learn how to make friends and tell the girl you liked that you liked her.  It’s during this moment that it makes or breaks your future.  If it was easy for you to make friends, you became more confident socializing with people.  If the first girl you told you liked her and she liked you back, you felt more confident talking to girls.  Then there’s the ugly side… the side where you found it hard to make friends and the first girl you told you liked, she rejected you.  From this point on, it kinda shapes your future with your confidence.


School Doesn’t Encourage You The Right Way

Now, let’s talk about the actual learning part of school.  When you get a bad grade, you fail and sometimes you get left back.  School has a pass and fail system that doesn’t work in the real world.  They teach you how to memorize trivial data (a lot of stuff you learned in school doesn’t serve you in the real world) and if you try to look up information in your book while taking a test… that’s cheating.  In the real world, you want to find an answer, you look it up, you don’t memorize, you just use the data for that moment.  If you need the information on multiple occasions, you keep looking it up.  School doesn’t teach people to be confident solving real world problems, instead, they fill your head with a lot of information, but don’t tell you how to apply it and solve problems.  This is the main reason why a lot of people lack confidence when they’re faced with a challenge.

Start Building Your Confidence With A Solid Foundation

From this point on, you’re gonna need to build your confidence from scratch.  In order for you to build your confidence, you need a clean slate.  It’s like building on solid ground instead of quicksand.  It’s like building on a clear, leveled surface instead of building over the rubble.  It’s possible to be like a baby again where you take every failure as just a missed step. This site is gonna help you get to that level.  All you have to do is sign up for a free membership.

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