Why Practicing, Planning, And Preparing Makes You Confident

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Competence Leads To Confidence

When you are successful, you have the momentum that builds your confidence.  If you have a higher chance of succeeding, you’ll want to see what happens a lot faster than if you feel you don’t have a chance in hell of succeeding.  The thing people want is to get the results they want.  When you can get the results you want at a higher rate, it increases your confidence level.

Most Victories Are Won With Enough Proper Practice, Planning, And Preparing

If you look at all the greats, from entertainers to soldiers, they put in the work needed to win.  Soldiers lose a million battles daily to win the big war.  Boxers spar with the idea that when the big fight comes, they’ll be ready and waiting for the title.  The most success comes from perfecting your craft.  Don’t get caught up in trying to be perfect, but if you spot your flaws, correct them.  If you have holes, close them.  When you are well-trained, you have a higher chance of victory.

Even The Best Training Doesn’t Guarantee Victory

You have to keep in mind that training doesn’t guarantee the victory.  In competition, you have you and the opposition.  The opposition is also training.  If you happen to suffer a defeat, don’t let it get you down… learn from it.  This doesn’t mean you’ll be a willing loser, it means that every opportunity gets you closer to your ultimate goal.  Sometimes defeat can teach you better than the victory.  Sometimes losing one battle gives you the opportunity you need to win the war.

You Need To Train Your Mind First

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