Why Some Men Have It And Others Don’t When Attracting Women

“What do I say to women to get them to like me?”

“There’s this girl…”

“I have a crush on this girl and it seems like she only dates the wrong guys”

In some shape, form, or fashion men have said these things when asking for advice on how to get women.  Other men just show up and it seems like women just flock to them.  How is it that some men have it and others don’t?  There could be a number of reasons why women flock to one type of man over others.  It’s not always looks.  There are men who look like outta shape slobs pulling women who look like lingerie models, while you have men who look like they can be on the cover of a fitness magazine who are struggling when it comes to getting a date.  It all boils down to mindset.

So what does your mindset have to do with getting women?  There are men who have the wrong mindset when it comes to getting the women they want.  Some men see a beautiful woman and get, what you may call, “Automatic Rejection Syndrome”.  In their minds, this woman is beautiful so the likeliness of her liking him are slim to none.  Then you have men who think highly of themselves. They see a beautiful woman and are almost compelled to approach her.  These men may get rejected thousands of times but they always have an attractive woman on their arm.  In their minds, they have a “I deserve the best” mentality.  What kind of mentality do you have?

It’s very important that you train your brain to go for the women you’ll be happier with.  Not just her beauty, but also her personality and how she treats you.  If you go solely off of a woman who treats you good, but you’re not attracted to her, you may cheat on her once a beautiful woman starts batting her eyes at you.  If you go solely off of a woman’s beauty, you may allow this woman to treat you like crap, and feel like she’s the best you’ll ever get just because she’s attractive.  You want to have a mentality that a woman MUST treat you right if she’s gonna be with you.  So if she looks like she belongs on the cover of a swimsuit magazine, she better treat you right if she’s gonna be with you.  If she looks like the type of woman who isn’t the best-looking person in the room, she better treat you right.  This is called setting boundaries.

There are a lot of men who let women walk all over them because they think that setting boundaries will ruin their chances with these women.  Little do they know, but women love when men give them boundaries.  Why?  This lets her know she is dealing with a confident man.  A man who won’t kiss her ass just to get some ass.  This makes him more valuable to her because he values himself.  If she runs into a man who’s not the best-looking, all of a sudden she becomes intrigued.  In her mind she’s thinking, “Who the hell does he think he is?”, but at the same time her interest is raised in this man.  The more she gets to know him, the more she finds out about him and that interest increases.  This is one of the reasons why you see women walking around with certain men that makes you think, “How did he get a woman like that?”

Give up the scarcity mentality.  Women are plentiful.  You may not always run into extremely beautiful women, but when you do, just remember that even if you don’t get that specific one, you’ll always bump into one that looks better than her.  So if your mindset is stuck on you not finding another woman that looks like her, just remember that you’ll bump into one that may look twice as better than her.  Your focus should be on getting respect from the women you interact with.  When women respect you first, if she becomes attracted to you, you’ll have a better chance of being happier in the relationship because she’s treating you the way you want to be treated.  She’s treating you good.  There is no such thing as out of your league because you are in a league of your own.  You own your own league.  You do the recruiting of who should play in your league.  You make the final decision if this woman makes the team or not.  When you think like this, you’ll always have a winning team.

Wanna learn how to start getting the mindset that gives you the edge when attracting the women you want?  All it takes is a solid foundation of real confidence.  How do you get a solid foundation of confidence?

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