Why Women Love Bad Boys

You and every guy has heard it before.  You’ve seen it right in front of your face.  You even heard girls say it.  Women love bad boys.  If you ask a woman why they like bad boys, they may say something like “they don’t know… it’s just something about them”.  If you’ve heard other men explain, you may hear them say something like “women like a challenge” and that doesn’t really explain it.  This post is gonna attempt to explain it in a way to give you that “A-ha” moment.  So let’s dive into why women love bad boys.

Women are very emotional beings.  A lot of things a woman does doesn’t make sense to a lot of men.  So if you see her with a guy who cheats on her repeatedly, and she still stays with that man, it isn’t going to make a lot of sense to you.  If you see her reject the guy who treats her special, and chases the guy who treats her like crap, you will be even more confused.  Your mother told you to treat women special, but she may not have told you how to do that.  That can be saved for another post at another time.  You don’t understand because you’re a guy and you think logically (unless you are horny then you stop thinking with the head on your shoulders and start thinking with the head between your legs).  So in order for you to grasp this, you need to get into the mind of a woman.

Women love the emotional roller coaster ride that the bad boy gives her.  Being with a nice guy is like driving down a straight road.  Depending on the guy, there could be a nice view where she can take pictures just enjoy the ride or it could just be a road that looks like there’s nothing exciting to see so all she is doing  is looking out the window with a bored look on her face.

Being with a bad boy is different.  When you go on a roller coaster, you are excited by the element of danger, yet how safe the ride is because you’re strapped in.  You are excited for the anticipation as the line moves you closer to you getting on the ride.  You are excited for the anticipation of when the roller coaster starts climbing to it’s highest point.  You are excited for that split second when the roller coaster starts to drop, and you are excited by the twist and turns it takes before the ride is over.  For a woman being with a bad boy is like this.  A bad boy knows how to make her feel safe yet have an element of danger surrounding him.  That’s why you have women attracted to men who are criminals, drug dealers, mobsters, and even cage fighters.  All these men have an element of danger around them, but these women feel safe around these men because these men either know how to defend themselves or they have a group of people protecting them.  These women may have a brush with danger, but the man they are with is protecting them or gives them the feeling of being protected.  Sometimes the danger is always physical.  Sometimes the danger is just making a bad decision with a man who may not be right for her  But the way he makes her feel is just the assurance she needs to feel safe with her choice.

Women love that anticipation between men and women have before they end up sleeping together.  This is why she may play-hard-to-get.  The bad boy plays hard-to-get too… with his heart.  Women play hard-to-get with sex, but the bad boy plays hard-to-get with his heart.  She wants him to open up to her, but he always holds something back.  So one of her challenges she enjoys is trying to get him to open up to her.  To get emotionally closer to her.  This whole process turns her on.  It’s the equivalent of a woman who teases a man, wearing little skimpy outfits, rubbing up against him, but denying him of sex.  For the bad boy, he is opening up to her a little bit, then he retracts.  He may say one thing and do something that’s the complete opposite.  This confusion intrigues her, even if at the moment she is getting angry with him.  When the bad boy gives a bigger piece of himself to her or tells her that he feels connected to her, he is able to reel her back in if she gets a little too angry with him.

So the whole process, if you were to observe it for yourself is a bunch of ups and downs, twists and turns, and soon the ride is over.  She can either get on the ride again or get excited every time there’s a new “roller coaster” that’s about to be arrive in a theme park near her.

You don’t have to become a bad boy to give women the same type of excitement they have with the bad boy.  All it takes is a solid foundation of real confidence.  Wanna learn how to get this confidence?

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