Why Women Love Men With Money

In the male-female dynamic, women love having a sense of security.  They want to be with a man who can protect them from danger.  They want a man who can also provide for them.  If this were in ancient times, the man who can hunt or find food easily would be a man that the women would want to be with.  In modern times, we have something called money.  The man with a lot of money is attractive to women because he will be her ticket for her not to struggle.

You may think a woman is a gold digger because she is thinking about getting with men who have money.  Think about it.  If you get with a woman and you lack money, if the both of you have children, it will be a bigger struggle.  If you don’t have money to live comfortably, you may have nights where all of you go to bed hungry.  You will spend most of your money paying bills, but won’t be able to go anywhere fun or nice with the family.  There will be a lot arguments due to lack of money.  When a man can’t provide for his family, this puts him into situation where he feels like a little boy.  If his woman is talking to him like she is belittling him, this can turn into a huge argument.  To avoid all of this pain and struggle, women look for men who can provide for them and money usually comes in consistently and at a surplus.

A lot of men understand that women love men with money so they use their money to get women.  The problem with this is the women are with them ONLY because they have money.  If you’re a man who has  a lot of money, the woman who is with you could love you and respect you, even if you were to lose all of your money.  She loves the man you are, and as a bonus, you happen to have a lot of money.  Men who get women using their money are always on edge because the moment the money stops coming in, the women stop coming around as well.  These men attract women who only want the guy for his money, meanwhile she could have another guy on the side who is “knocking the bottom outta that”.

As a man, you want to strive to make as money as possible so you can find a good woman who you can share your wealth with.  One day, you may have children with this woman, and hopefully she will be a good mother, so you can have some healthy children who grow up into people you will feel proud to carry on your bloodline and legacy.  This is the main reason why we get with women in the first place.  It’s to have children so when we are dead and gone, our genes will live on for another generation.  In order to get to this point, you have to choose the right woman.  You also need to be a man who can provide for his woman and his children.  This is why it’s very important you improve yourself and make as much money as possible.  You want women to gravitate towards th3 man who makes the money, not the money the man makes.

So the next time you get frustrated because it seems like women only want men with money, refer back to this post to give you some perspective and understanding.  You want to be a man who has the power to make money because it will make your life easier.  You want to have a lot of money because that means you have more options and power to a certain degree.  This power that you have allows you access to things you wouldn’t have if you didn’t have money.  By having this access, you start to become more confident.  When you are confident, women will become more attracted to you.  THIS is the reason why women love men with money.  Their confidence is usually higher than a man who is lacking or in need of money.

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