Why Women Love Men With Muscles

There are a lot of men who are not happy with their bodies.  They look at the men who have their shirts off in movies and they get a little jealous.  They look at men like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and admire how women are drawn to them but at the same time, get respect from other men.  If you’ve been reading these posts, you’ll notice there is emphasis on packing on muscle.  Not to look like a gamma-radiation freak like The Hulk, but just to look more masculine and powerful.  Which brings us to the topic on why women love men with muscles.

On an evolutionary standpoint, we want our genes to thrive.  The most healthiest, the most powerful, and most attractive people we can find, we want to  procreate with them.  Women are attracted to men who can protect them.  Men with muscle look more intimidating than men without muscle so this prevents other men from harassing or harming her.  If it comes down to a fight, if a man has more muscle, he can fight off danger more effectively.  From a health standpoint, men are usually eating right and working out, which is good for the body.  These men look healthier than men who are fatter or bonier.  There are some men who take this too far and look like the real life version of the Hulk.  There are very few women who are attracted to these type of men because, a lot of times, these men are not building muscle in the most healthiest way.  Men who use steroids habitually usually have a shorter life span than men who don’t.

Keep in mind that women are not only attracted to men who look like The Rock or Chris Hemsworth as Thor.  No, right now, you could have a long way to go to look like these men and you can still get women.  It’s like a woman doesn’t need huge tits and a big bubble butt to get men.  The thing is you want to lean in the same direction these men are going which is better health and fitness habits.

If you have a bit of a weight problem (either overweight or underweight), you want to bring your body to where it needs to be.  So if you’re overweight, you want to burn more fat and build more muscle.  If you’re underweight, you want to eat more so you can build more muscle with less fat.  It’s actually very easy to get the body you want if you know how to get it and if you’re not in a rush to get it.  If you look at The Rock in the 90s and The Rock today, his body fat percentage was higher and he looked less defined than he does now.  When he got older, his body fat percentage went down and his muscle growth just kept going.  That’s in about 20 years.  But if you looked at him back then, he was still attractive to women and he was still respected by men.  A lot had to do with his personality.  So if you do get the body you want, you also have to have a good personality that goes with it.  If you start going in the direction of men who have becomes specimens of men, you’ll notice that you don’t need to look like a bodybuilder to get women.  You may be overweight, starting to drop a few pounds and building a little muscle.  You may have women you know give you compliments, saying you look like you’ve been working out.  If you’re underweight, you may start packing on some muscle.  The abs will start coming in.  When you take your shirt off, you may get a few stares.  When you workout, that natural testosterone boost kicks in, “increasing your manliness”, which is a huge turn-on to women.

What about nutrition?  Eat whatever you like, but make sure you are within a certain caloric amount.  If you’re trying to gain weight, eat more calories.  If you’re trying to lose weight, eat less calories.  If you want to maintain your weight, eat at a caloric maintenance.Read this post to find out how to calculate how many calories you should be eating to either lose, gain, or maintain our weight.  You may not be in a stage of your life to eat the healthiest food, but if you focus on controlling your calories, you’ll look for foods that fill you up but have fewer calories.  So you may notice that your fruit and vegetable consumption may go up.  You may notice your junk food consumption may go down.  You may notice your water intake will increase.  Don’t force yourself to eat better because you may not want to change.  Instead, strategically eat better.  When you start to naturally eat right, it becomes effortless.  This is when keeping fat off is not even a challenge anymore.

It doesn’t take much to change your body.  As a matter of fact, if you overload your muscles by working out, it becomes counterproductive.  Most of your favorite actors who maintain a chiseled physique usually workout about 3-5 times a week and only for about 1-1.5 hours.  If you have good exercise and nutritional habits, you don’t have to work hard to look like some of these women’s favorite actors and entertainers.  This is what’s going to give you that edge you need to attract women.  Because, as the title of this post says, women love men with muscles.

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