Your Time Will Come

You may have a small business you are operating out of your garage, that’s only making $5 a month.  Don’t worry your time will come.

You may be 100lbs overweight and trying to build a body that looks like you stepped off a photo shoot of a fitness magazine.  Don’t worry your time will come.

You may struggle talking to women, and want to have the power and access to women whenever you want to go out and have a good time.  Don’t worry your time will come.

How will your time come?  You walk in the direction of your goal.  Sometimes it feels like you’re crawling, other times it may feel like you’re taking a jet, but the fact of the matter is it should be in the direction you want to go.  Don’t be too preoccupied with how long it takes to reach your goal.  Sometimes there are things you’re not doing right that’s slowing you down.  Sometimes you’re too impatient and not giving yourself enough time to see the results you want.  People may quit after a few days when something may actually take them a few months to accomplish.  Patience goes a long way.

Do you know what happens when your times comes?  You sometimes exceed your expectations.

You may go from making $5 a month in year one to making $100,000 a month in year 3.  You may need to lose 100lbs but end up only losing 50lbs, but all of that is fat, making you look more lean and muscular.  You may struggle getting a girl to go out with you, but end up having women approach you, telling you how much they would love to have lunch with you after work or class.

Never give up on yourself because you may have a goal you don’t reach,but may end up creating something that’s ten times better than your original goal.  Your store front may fail due to bad location, but you may end up having manufacturing plants all over the country making millions of dollars per facility.  You may get rejected by one average-looking woman, but may end up marrying the most beautiful woman you have ever met and she genuinely loves you.


Stop worrying so much.  Your time will come.  Just make sure you are ready for the success that comes with it.  There are many people who had success but couldn’t handle it and ended up losing everything, wishing they could go back to the simpler times before they were successful.

If you want to change your life, you’re going to need a solid foundation of real confidence.

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